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Host Operating System Software Load 12.x

1  Personnel Requirements

Required Persons Preliminary Reqs Procedure Finalization
1 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

2  Overview

Last Update 04/03/2006

3  Preliminary Requirements

3.1  Required Conditions

Condition Reference Effectivity

If this is not a new install, perform a SaveInfo of all system setting before begging the Software Install.

4  Procedure


The software load can be corrupted if the following conditions are not done:

  • Check Info Script executed
  • DASM powered off
  • Waveform Monitor turned on
  • SCSI tower on
  1. Insert the MR PC LINUX CD (current revision) into the CD drive.
  1. Reboot the computer

The Proper OS Load command must be entered in order for the mouse to be detected and for foreign keyboards. At the Boot prompt type the following command based on Keyboard type:

  • English Keyboard: GEHC-MR<Enter> (GEHC dash MR, no spaces).
  • French Keyboard: GEHC-?R<Enter> (GEHC dash question mark R, no spaces).
  • Portuguese Keyboard: GEHC’MR<Enter> (GEHC single quote MR, no spaces)
  • Itailan Keyboard: GEHC’MR<Enter> (GEHC single quote MR, no spaces).
  • Spanish Keyboard: GEHC’MR<Enter> (GEHC single quote MR, no spaces).
  • German Keyboard: GEHCβMR<Enter> (GEHC Beta symbol MR, no spaces).
  • Swedish Keyboard: GEHC+MR<Enter> (GEHC plus sign MR, no spaces).
  1. At the boot: prompt type GEHC-MR<Enter>.

    The OS software load will take about 13 minutes. After approximately 90 seconds Illustration 1 will appear

    Illustration 1:  Transferring Install Image to the Hard Drive

    After 2 minutes Illustration 2 will appear:

    Illustration 2:  Starting Install Process

  1. Remove the CD from the drive after the drawer opens. Do not install the Applications CD at this time!
  1. When OS Software is properly loaded, Illustration 3 will appear:

    Illustration 3:  Complete


  1. Hit <enter> to continue.
  1. After hitting enter the PC will reboot.
  1. A terminal window will appear after 2 minutes.
  1. OS software load is now complete, Proceed to MR_APPS Software Load.

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