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MRI and CT Machine education. Articles about how these systems work, how to get them repaired, and general FAQ’s.

These articles were created from client questions and input from our account managers.

Featured CT and MRI Articles.

mri and ct parts inventory

Pro Tips for Choosing a 3rd party MRI & CT parts provider

Featured Article with FAQ’s for picking a trusted parts vendor. Read More

Understanding MRI Coils

MRI coils are essential components in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that play a critical role in producing high-quality images of specific body...

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In today's Tech Tip, Yuriy will demonstrate how to reset the stand control module and all mechanical controllers with a simple operator action.

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CT, Tubes Articles & How-To

3 Metrics Used to Measure a CT Scanner Tube’s Vitality
CT Scanner Maintenance How to Spot X-Ray Tube Damage
CT X-Ray Tube Failure Signs
Akron B Akron Q X-Ray Tubes
MRC 600 MRC 800 CT X-Ray Tubes Guide
MX200 CT X-Ray Tube Cost & Life Expectancy
CT Scanner X-Ray Tubes – Breakdown
MX240 CT X-Ray Tube Cost & Life Expectancy
Toshiba CXB-750D CT X-Ray Tubes – Compatibility
What to Know About Siemens Straton CT X-Ray Tubes
Dura 202 & Dura 422 Life Expectancy & Cost
Toshiba CXB-750/4A CT X-Ray Tube Cost & Maintenance


General CT Tips

Telltale Signs of Impending CT Scanner Failures

How 2021 Will Change the CT Scanner Market
3 Tips to Help Patients Who Are Reluctant to Get a CT Scan
4 Things You Need to Know About CT Scans
CT Scanner Streak Artifacts
Comparing MRI and CT Scans
ACR Certified Facilities
A Quick Guide To CT Scanner Slice Counts
Top 6 GE CT Scanners
What You Should Know About Becoming a CT Technologist
How Much Does A PET Scan Cost
The Top Diagnostic Imaging Manufacturers – Part 2
CT Scanner Room Temperature and Other Requirements
3 Tips for Upgrading Your Medical Imaging Equipment
Comparing 64, 256, and 320-Slice CT Systems
PET CT Scan Machine Cost Guide
Field Service Engineers – What Exactly Do They Do
CT Scan Cost Guide
Measuring CT Scanner Usage
Should You Buy New or Used Medical Equipment?
Medical Equipment Leasing & Financing
How To Get More Scans From Your CT Scanner
How Much Do CT Scanners Cost?
What to Know When Selling Your Used Medical Equipment
How Much Do CT Scanners Cost?

General Imaging System Articles

How to Purchase Medical Image Equipment Successfully
What does the ISO 13485:2016 mean, and does it matter?
3 Tips for Upgrading Your Medical Imaging Equipment
Radiology Director – Frequently Asked Questions
Top 3 Questions About Biomedical Engineers



MRI Coils / Helium / Chillers / Cold Head Articles & How-Tos

MRI Coils / Helium / Chillers / Cold Head Articles & How Tos
An Overview of Why It Pays to Maintain Your MRI Coils
What are MRI Coils?
MRI Without Helium?
MRI Helium Frequently Asked Questions
MRI Chillers – What Are They & Why Are They Important
MRI Cold Head Replacement Guide
What Are MRI Cold Heads?
MRI Quench – Frequently Asked Questions

MRI Articles & How Tos

5 Simple and Easy Ways You Can Prepare for an MRI Scan
Performing an MRI Exam for Pregnant Patients – Is It Safe?
Tattoos and MRI Machines – The Myth Debunked
A Closer Look Into MRI Scanners Radiofrequency
Why are MRIs So Loud?
Our Guide on How to Keep Your MRI Scanner in Top Shape
Can You Listen to Music During An MRI Scan?
How Are MRI Scans Done?
How Much Power Does An MRI Use
About Abdominal MRI Scans
Comparing MRI and CT Scans
Are MRI Examinations Safe? Here’s What You Should Know
MRI Manufacturers – Who Makes MRIs?
MRI Machine Weight Limits
Top GE MRI Machine Models
Should You Become an MRI Technologist? Things to Know
What are MRI Imaging Phantoms and What Are They For
3T Vs 1.5T MRI Machines
What Does Tesla Mean for MRI
Evaluating Your MRI Scanner’s Integrity
Siemens 1.5T MRI Models – Top 5 Systems
GE MRI Systems – Top 9
Siemens MRI Machine Cost & Models
Faraday Cages and RF Shields for MRI Scanners
Open and Closed MRI Machines – What’s The Difference
How Do MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Machines Work
The History of the MRI
Purchasing an MRI? MRI Installation Guide
MRI Scanner Problems – How to Troubleshoot
How To Buy An MRI Machine
How Much Do MRI Machines Cost?
Mobile MRI Machines & Trailers – Our Guide