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Reasons Your Veterinary Practice Needs MRI Machines

Jan 14, 2021 | Articles, MRI

MRI machines are revolutionizing technology in the healthcare industry that broke barriers in diagnostic imaging since it allows medical professionals to identify a myriad of conditions – from tumors, torn ligaments, diseased tissues, and other extensive information involving the brain, spine, joints, and internal organs. 

Beyond its role in healthcare institutions, there’s also a growing demand for integrating imaging technology in veterinary medicine. After all, with the boom of pet-related wellness programs like day spas, hotels, and diets specific to your four-legged furries, it makes sense to take the quality of healthcare and pet treatments to greater heights by providing MRIs. 


Is Investing in an MRI Machine the Right Choice for Your Veterinary Practice?


1. There is a Growing Demand in Your Clinic Prompting You to Outsource MRI Scans 

If your veterinary clinic is expanding and you are requiring your patients to seek MRI scans elsewhere, then it’s worth investing in a machine for your practice. This is especially important for communities who do not have instant access to pet-friendly MRI scan centers, so it’s safe to assume that many paw-parents are willing to pay top dollar to have their furry companions properly diagnosed. 


2. If Your Clinic Needs a Quicker, More Accurate, and Sophisticated Diagnosis 

Pets who are suffering from tissue disorders, torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons, ear disorders, or chronic wounds need further analysis that requires tools that go beyond the scope of a regular veterinarian. 

Whether it’s a gentle giant, a small breed, or anything in between, pets with complex health problems will benefit from MRI scans since it can guarantee speedier and more accurate findings. Not only will this boost your clinic’s credibility and reputation, but it will also save time and stress for veterinarians, pets, and owners alike. 


The Bottom Line: The Rising Role of MRI and Advanced Imaging in Veterinary Medicine

Paw-parents know that their fur-babies are more than just pets, they’re important and well-loved members of the family. With that being said, it’s no surprise that owners would want the best treatment for their sickly buddies, especially when it comes to providing sophisticated veterinary procedures to improve their companion’s quality of life. 

Seeing the skyrocketing popularity of veterinary specialty practices such as pet-friendly MRI scans, there’s no doubt that practices need to keep up with the demands and invest in advanced imaging technology. 

There are plenty of options that suit typically small spaces in clinics – from MRI systems with low magnet strength to renting a mobile MRI trailer for those who are not yet ready to commit to a permanent installation. 


Why Choose DirectMed Parts and Services?

When determining underlying illnesses or conditions, going to the right scan center is crucial as it will impact your diagnosis in more ways than one. 

Seeing the importance of taking a diagnostic test in reputable clinics, DirectMed Parts can help connect you with the most reputable sources for medical imaging parts and services. 

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