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Our Ultimate Guide to Help You Buy the Best MRI Machine

Mar 5, 2021 | Tech Tips, MRI

The use of MRI as a medical imaging technique continues to grow yearly and is sustained by several factors. The reason behind this is that MRI machines can produce highly-detailed images used to examine soft and sensitive tissue in most parts of the body without exposing the patient to harmful radiation. 

It’s so effective that over 30 million MRI scans are performed globally every year — not to mention that Japan has the largest number of MRI machines and the US coming in the close second. 

Even if MRI machines are used every-so-often, one out of five machines in the US are still using devices that are over ten years old. Although it boasts durability, it can limit how it scans a patient’s body and can also pose some risks with faulty results.

For this reason, getting MRI parts for repairs and replacements from reputable manufacturers such as Direct Med Parts is recommended to ensure the safety of the professionals and patients. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading your MRI machines, here are some tips to guide you through the decision-making process and ensure that you find the best one for your medical facility. 

1. Systems That Help Deliver Clinical Excellence

Investigating the specifications and technological capabilities of your machine isn’t enough. You need to consider how the machine’s features can help you deliver excellent diagnostic capabilities. 

Researching whether the machine can actively improve diagnosis and consistency will help you decide on which machine to purchase. Besides that, investigate areas that it can scan as well, such as neuro, body, breast, cardiac, and more. 

2. Consider Patient Satisfaction

A patient’s experience can affect the financial performance of your hospital or healthcare facility. And when you have a new MRI system, it can greatly improve the way you provide comfort and care. 

When looking for an MRI machine, ensure that when your patient is getting an MRI scan, they feel comfortable laying in the machine. Even if they provide highly detailed images, some machines have low patient comfort, making it a huge problem for people who struggle with claustrophobia. 

When you can provide exceptional patient experience, you can showcase your facility’s operational efficiency, ultimately improving your patient and physician retention and attraction rates. 

3. Look For Machines with Upgrade Potential

Another thing you should consider when buying an MR machine is that you can upgrade it over time. In a time where digital and technological advancement comes quite rapidly, your MRI machine should keep up with the changes. 

Software updates and retrofit parts are some of the upgrades your MRI machines may need further down the line. For this reason, it’s best to work with machines with software update capabilities and to only buy machine parts from reputable manufacturers, such as Direct Med Parts.

4. Ensure It Improves Operational Efficiency

One of the important things you should consider is that your new MRI machine should improve your facility’s operational efficiency. Having a new MRI machine should help decrease potential delays and downtime and help your team operate and perform at peak output. 

An efficient machine will not only improve your operations but will also reinforce a positive reputation, allowing you to gain your patient’s trust, increase your referrals, and boost your revenue. 


The Bottom Line: Buy the Best MRI Machine That Would Fit Exactly What Your Medical Facility Needs

If you’re considering buying, upgrading, or replacing your MRI machine, make sure to remember these considerations so you can find the perfect one for your medical facility.

Keep in mind your facility’s growth potential, patient satisfaction, operational efficiency, and upgrades. Having the right machine and MRI parts will help your facility improve and provide a better medical diagnosis. 


How Can DirectMed Parts Help You?

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