Our Guide to Upgrading Your CT and MRI Equipment Successfully

by | May 28, 2021 | CT, MRI

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Diagnostic imaging has indeed played a huge role in saving lives. Diagnostic scans, such as a CT scan, MRI, or x-ray, have allowed practitioners to learn more about the human body and make more accurate medical decisions. Without the advanced technology of imaging equipment, we wouldn’t be able to prevent, diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions well today. 

Medical imaging is undoubtedly an essential tool in healthcare, and as technology advances at a rapid rate, diagnostic imaging will only continue to grow and evolve. As such, it is your responsibility to ensure that your healthcare facility keeps up with the times—not only for your benefit, but most especially for your patients!


Why You Should Upgrade Your Diagnostic Equipment

Updating your diagnostic imaging equipment is just as important as buying a new smartphone. 

If you’ve had your phone for a few years already, the manufacturer may no longer issue the latest operating system for your model, and the battery may have already degraded. Purchasing a newer smartphone allows you to perform tasks easier and have security enhancements and bug fixes—all of which you wouldn’t experience without upgrading your gadget!

Just like your smartphone, holding to old CT or MRI parts can negatively affect your business and your patients’ lives. It’s not advisable to keep using older pieces of equipment just because they meet the minimum requirements—do you really think your equipment is still serving you well, or is it preventing the staff from making accurate diagnoses?

Failing to act accordingly when it comes to upgrading your equipment will cost you more than you think! Instead of putting up with your outdated equipment, you should update them to extend the life of your radiology device. Moreover, with upgraded tools, you can improve your operations and further satisfy your patients, leading to the exponential growth of your business and increased profit! 


How to Upgrade Successfully

Upgrading diagnostic imaging equipment can be thrilling, but it is also quite nerve-wracking, as it is a big investment that leaves no room for mistakes. If you fail to replace your MRI or CT parts well, you can have cost overruns, employee frustration, and patient dissatisfaction. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to plan well!

Follow our tips below so that you can smoothly breeze through the upgrading process.

  • Choose the Right Equipment

Selecting the right equipment is essential! Make sure to consult with system users and clinical stakeholders to determine which of your CT or MRI parts need to be upgraded. Once you’ve decided on a piece of equipment to upgrade, you should talk to your facilities team, engineering, structural experts, and everyone else involved. 

  • Set a Budget

MRI and CT parts cost a pretty penny, so it’s crucial to create a budget so that you won’t spend more than you can afford. 

Your budget needs to be realistic and accurate—remember to include all direct and indirect costs and continue to refine the budget as much as you can. Things don’t always go according to plan, so you should make room for unexpected expenses.

  • Purchase Your Parts from a Trusted Source

The professionals you decide to work with and supply your MRI and CT parts will significantly impact the success of the upgrading process. Reach out to a company like us, DirectMed Parts, that provides high-quality imaging parts and outstanding services for a seamless transition!



Diagnostic imaging is an integral part of your medical practice, and ensuring that it performs well will help your healthcare facility and your patients. Make sure to follow our guide above and reach out to a reliable imaging parts supplier so that you can continue to provide the best service and care in the constantly evolving world of medicine.

Do you need to replace your CT or MRI parts? Leave it to us at DirectMed Parts! As the most trusted and knowledgeable source for medical imaging parts and services in the US, we can help make service and part replacement as seamless as possible. Request a quote for more information!

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