MX200 CT X-Ray Tube Cost & Life Expectancy

by | Oct 2, 2020 | CT

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No matter how well you maintain and operate your x-ray imaging machine, its x-ray tube will need replacement after about 2-5 years. The lifespan of the x-ray tube depends on a variety of factors, including whether it was installed new or used, and how well you maintain your CT Scan or other imaging equipment. Although x-ray tubes can be pricey, there are different replacement options available to you, depending on your needs.

If you’re currently using a HiSpeed, BrightSpeed, LightSpeed, or Discovery series GE imaging system, you’ll want to look into the MX200 CT X-ray tube when replacement time comes. This tube can be used for any of the following imaging machines:

  • BrightSpeed Edge
  • BrightSpeed Elite
  • BrightSpeed Excel
  • Discovery LS
  • Discovery NM/CT670
  • Discovery PET/CT600
  • Discovery RX
  • Discovery ST
  • Discovery STE
  • HiSpeed QX/i
  • LightSpeed16
  • LightSpeed Plus
  • LightSpeed Ultra

The purpose of the x-ray tube is to create the x-rays used for imaging, using an anode and a cathode. This creates heat as a byproduct, which, in conjunction with other factors, can wear the tube over time. If you notice any cracks, oil leaks, or new noise coming from the x-ray tube, that’s when you’ll know it’s likely time for a replacement.
New versus Used

When replacement time comes, you have a couple of options. New tubes are available for purchase from the manufacturer but will be considerably more expensive than buying a used part or refurbishing a part. Used MX200 x-ray tubes run between $20,000 to $40,000 depending on manufacturing date and level of usage. Some x-ray tubes can be repaired and returned to you for months or years of additional use, depending on the level of wear or type of damage.


Where To Find The MX200 CT X-Ray Tube

If buying a new part, there are four interchangeable supplier options. Any of these can be used to replace your current x-ray tube. The suppliers are GE, GE Maxiray, Dunlee, and Varex. GE supplies several versions of this part under different part numbers.

The Lifespan Of The MX200 CT X-Ray Tube

The lifespan of the MX200 can vary greatly depending on a number of factors and does not have a guaranteed lifespan. They last on average from 100-140 mAs in a medium-volume imaging facility. This is approximately 10,000 to 18,000 patient scans, but the potential exists for greater or fewer scans. This is particularly dependent upon whether or not the machine is warmed up before scans after being idle, and whether or not it is properly protected and maintained. It’s important to allow only trained professionals to use CT imaging equipment and to follow manufacturer instructions when doing so.

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