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MRI Scanner Problems – How to Troubleshoot

Oct 1, 2020 | How Tos, MRI

All clinics and hospitals are often seen as the powerhouses of quality modern care and high diagnosis accuracy, and MRI scanners are an essential part of any healthcare establishment. 

If you’ve been running a medical establishment for some time, you may be familiar with the idea of keeping your MRI scanners in tip-top shape, especially since the machine is a significant investment. After thousands of patients and continuous periods of heavy use, however, your scanner is bound to experience copious downtime. 

Having a scanner that refuses to cooperate (or simply scan) is something you won’t want to experience with a long line of grumpy patients and a packed service day. As patients try to take their frustrations out proactively by rescheduling their appointments and expressing their disappointment, there’s one thought you may have in mind: “Is all lost in the case of my MRI machine?”

It may seem like the end of the world once your scanner stops functioning properly, but the truth is that it’s most likely experiencing a common problem that can be easily fixed. 


A guide with the good news that you need

Unless your scanner is on fire, the chances are that your MRI machine is experiencing a little hiccup that’s relatively simple to fix. To ensure that you get your MRI up and running in shape in no time, here’s a guide to the most common problems these machines experience and how you can fix them: 


Problem #1: Low helium level alerts

If your MRI scanner is showing recurring “low helium” prompts on the screen, then you’re likely dealing with a deficiency in your device’s helium levels that’s preventing it from scanning as it should. Seeing that such a device is dependent on the gas in question to work correctly since its magnet needs it, it’s clear that this “minor” prompt must not be ignored.

The solution: All you’ll need to do is to schedule a helium top-up with DirectMed Parts. For the best practice to avoid any unwanted slowdowns, get your MRI scanner’s tanks filled once they descend to 60 percent capacity!


Problem #2: Intermittent power outages

Among all the different problems that the average MRI scanner unit can experience in its lifespan, nothing is more frightening than a sudden shutdown followed by a boot-up issue. 

Generally, you’ll notice that power outages with your scanner commonly occur when your medical center’s area experiences a great deal of storm activity, causing the unit to fail. Though weather-related problems are arbitrary at best, there’s no need to worry because there’s a guaranteed fix to rely on.

The solution: If your MRI scanner suddenly gets a dreaded power outage during a stormy night, you can fix the glitching episode by resetting the breakers in the section of your facility where the device is stored. Once you’ve tried turning it off and on again, all you’ll need to do is fully reset your system, and it will boot up!



Although a problem with your MRI scanner might seem like the end of your medical facility, there’s no need to worry because it’s probably dealing with an issue that can be easily solved. With this guide’s help, you can determine your scanner’s specific problem and carry out the necessary solutions so that you can go back to normal operations in no time!

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