MRI Preventive Maintenance – A Guide for Medical Facilities

by | May 6, 2021 | MRI

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MRI systems are one of the most complex heavy-duty machinery you may ever find in a healthcare setting. If one component breaks, you cannot use them properly, resulting in poor and faulty diagnosis. Fortunately, you can avoid these mishaps by paying attention to preventive maintenance, which pertains to the professional inspection and tune-ups of your units. Doing this can help you better preserve your equipment by preventing the need for major repairs by replacing specific MRI parts or upgrading the scanner. 

Due to the tedious nature of MRI preventive maintenance, you and your team have to ensure you know the fine details of this process. You may even have to source new materials and staff and undergo training to ensure everything is functioning properly. To get started, consider this article as your guide to determine the next course of action to need to take as a medical facility. 

What Does MRI Preventive Maintenance Entail? 

Most MRI preventive maintenance includes deep cleaning, mechanical tests, system calibration, performance recording, and diagnostics. Some of the more specific tasks at hand are the following: 

  • Inspecting the MRI scanner’s cryogen levels
  • Taking note of the compressor’s pressure and run time 
  • Checking the shield temperature voltage 
  • Determining the signal-to-noise ratio
  • Doing the left ventricular gradient shim
  • Configuring the gradient calibration
  • Checking and setting the radiofrequency power output
  • Inspecting the oxygen monitor’s operation
  • Doing a rotational surface coil test
  • Inspecting and cleaning intakes, monitors, and workspace fans
  • Checking the blower filter
  • Taking note of the chiller fluid level and valve
  • Ensuring the table drive clutch set screws are properly fastened 
  • Checking the trolley assembly
  • Inspecting the unit’s adsorber and coldhead


Who Can Perform MRI Preventive Maintenance? 

Only particular trainer professionals are licensed to do MRI preventive maintenance because they may have to do repairs, which require quality assurance and service warranties. As a result, plenty of MRI scanners come with their own maintenance plans and parts guarantees. 

For example, you can get MRI coil repairs done for free if your provider’s included parts don’t work properly. Thus, ensure you have either of the following trained technicians to help you with your medical imaging equipment: 

  • Manufacturer services

Most MRI scanners are expensive, meaning many clients often worry about ensuring it is well worth the price. To entice clients, manufacturers include their own preventive maintenance plans, making their offers more investable as assets. The problem is most of their service solutions are only valid for a certain amount of time. Also, you have to meet their terms and conditions or have to shell out the money yourself. Because of this, make sure you compare the manufacturer’s offers between various MRI systems.

  • ISO’s or Third-Party Services 

ISO’s and third-party service providers are the best alternative to access reliable MRI solutions, primarily preventive maintenance and even sourcing MRI replacement parts. They also have 24/7 customer support and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technicians for your utmost convenience and reliability. Just ensure they have their ISO 13485 certification and are open to service your direct needs, especially the specific MRI systems you prefer to use. 


MRI preventive maintenance can help you ensure your medical imaging equipment is capable of producing high-quality images for your medical staff’s use in treating patients. Thus, consider purchasing systems that already have a dedicated team of specialists on standby for your convenience. Alternatively, you can source extra support for your current MRI machines to meet healthcare demands. Meanwhile, if you feel you lack the experience and resources to check your MRI scanners, reach out to our team for assistance. 

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