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by | Nov 6, 2020 | MRI

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As healthcare technology advances, there is greater demand for diagnostic imaging across the country. With over tens of thousands of unique SKU’s readily available on-market, device manufacturers must remain competitive regarding pricing and quality. Below are the top diagnostic fabricators in the MRI and CT industry. 


1. Fujifilm Holdings

A Japan-based company, Fujifilm Holdings, goes beyond the handheld lens to provide life science and graphic system machinery, front-panel displays, optical devices, recording media, electronic components, and inkjet materials. 

Their medical capabilities comprise X-ray imaging and related diagnostic systems, including mammography and films. 


2. GE Healthcare

GE MRI Excite HDXt System

GE MRI Excite HDXt System

Part of the umbrella company General Electric, GE Healthcare, provides both transformational and consultative medical services. They spearhead the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical imaging services and information technologies. 

Its healthcare products make a regular appearance in cardiology, neurology, oncology, ENT, emergency medicine, radiology, pediatrics, and OBGYN. Known for how its medical diagnostics enable agents to perform early detection and diagnosis, GE Healthcare is the deserving recipient of a CE marking. 

Among its key players is the Discovery IGS 730, an interventional X-ray system, and the Optima NM/CT 640, part of its Nuclear Medicine 600 series. 


3. Siemens Healthcare

Siemens MRI Espree Parts

Siemens MRI Espree Parts

Globally renowned, Siemens Healthcare is a medical information technology company that develops and produces diagnostic and therapeutic systems, devices, and consumables for both administrative and clinical uses. 

Conducting operations in every continent, Siemens’ systems have allowed healthcare professionals to access and process relevant patient and research information. Its computer-based systems have increased workstation efficiency, while its therapy solutions and knowledge-based technologies have enhanced diagnosis methods. 




4. Philips HealthcareOpen MRI

Part of Royal Philips Electronics, Philips Healthcare, classifies its business activities as imaging systems, patient care, home healthcare, and customer service. Beyond introducing state-of-the-art technology to international healthcare sectors, Philips offers training and education, business consultancy, financial services, and maintenance. 


Its developments in nuclear medicine allow for earlier disease detection and minimally invasive therapy. Known for its PET scan systems, Philips Healthcare offers 20% higher-quality spatial and contrast resolution, delivering increased image quality and consistency. 


5. Shimadzu Corporation

This Kyoto-based industrial company saw revenues of $3.3 billion in 2012 alone, selling medical imaging products across all continents. It assembles its systems in Japan and China. 

X-ray imaging, PET, CT, and diagnostic ultrasound systems enable early diagnosis and management of diseases. 


6. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

TMSC is a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets diagnostic imaging equipment in over 135 countries—a feat that remains unbeaten by most. It operates within a single segment, incorporating globally patented technologies to advance cutting-edge medical treatment. 

Its multislice CT scanner has opened doors to new clinical capabilities in cardiovascular diagnostics and high-speed operations. Among its sub-brands are Aquilion, Activion, and Asteion. 


7. Carestream Health

Carestream Health focuses on the production and distribution of dental and medical imaging solutions. Beyond its expansive range of products, Carestream provides remote equipment and software management services. 

Active in over 150 countries, Carestream provides cost-effective systems for more efficient patient care. It is hailed for its women’s healthcare category, introducing digital mammography and film solutions.



What remains identical between all the diagnostic imaging manufacturers above is a commitment to rapid and accurate delivery. As the medical landscape continues to advance swiftly, creators are working to provide the most innovative solutions for healthcare institutions globally. 

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