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MRI Innovation – New MRI Technology Shows Promising Results

Feb 4, 2021 | Articles, MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is crucial for cancer patients as it’s a valuable tool to diagnose cancer and help healthcare professionals plan specific treatments. However, the “radiofrequency coils” used can be uncomfortable. They serve as an antenna that pick up signals from a patient’s body and converts them into images. Usually, they’re uncomfortable for patients and technicians. 

This is because most cancer patients who go through an MRI procedure are already in pain. The weight of the coil can be challenging for a patient; thus, the discomfort. 


The Introduction of AIR Coils

Now, a new coil technology used in MRI—AIR Coils —is now being widely used. This conforms to the human body, similar to how a blanket fits snugly to a person. Many hospitals have started using the latest technology in 2019, and it has proven to be more comfortable for patients. 

AIR Coils allow a patient who can’t lie on his back to lie on his side. Compared to previous coils, the new coil design is 60% lighter and is more flexible. Therefore, this allows technicians to position it while it conforms to various patient sizes. 

The new technology is leveraged in the 48-channel head coil that features a design to fit 99.9% of patients. Each coil element is closer to the patient’s anatomy that improves Signal Reception (SNR), depth of penetration, and image quality. 

What’s even better is that the AIR Coils don’t compromise the quality of images. Radiologists continue to receive high-quality images despite significant change that allows them to efficiently diagnose and monitor cancer. That’s all thanks to the innovative conductor material that is designed to deliver ultra flexibility. Each coil is lightweight and versatile to wrap around patients to produce excellent image quality. 

Even patients say that the AIR Coils are easier to tolerate as they are not as heavy, which provides them with more comfort while in the machine. 


The Impact of AIR Coil Technology in Workflow

Besides delivering more comfort to patients, the AIR Coils technology significantly impacts workflow throughout the radiology department. Since the machine can conform to the patient’s body regardless of the patient’s position, technicians save a lot of time. To add to that, the comfort it brings also allows technicians to acquire images faster. 

Abdominal scans can save 20 to 30 seconds per exam over traditional coils. Despite the little difference, the better coverage and the patient’s level of comfort are crucial to the radiology department because they don’t need to repeat the exam as many times as they should.

The time saved and the quality of the examination positively impact the diagnostic process and the time spent. 

Another reason AIR Coils are helping the workflow is that it is more user-friendly. 


Better Treatments With the Latest MRI Technology

There’s no wonder that the latest technology in MRI is changing the game for patients and the healthcare system. AIR Coils prove to be a more convenient and efficient way to diagnose patients and provide the best course of treatments while patients are more comfortable with having the test done. 

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