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    Part Name Part Number
    Plastic Bearing Shoulder Mount Screw 2330275
    VCT Collimator MDrive 23 Motor 5240986
    3.0T Body Hybrid Splitter 2370221
    VCT Type 1 Signal Brush Tips 2253678
    Longitudinal Drive Coupling 46-282363P1
    VCT Collimator Control Board (CCB) 5175034
    Jedi H4 MPHV Tank With Shields 2266521-4
    250GB Seagate Constilation ES SADA Family Hard Drive 5308760
    146 GB, 15K.5 Hard Drive ST3146855SS
    Halo/V-RES Digital Inner Module, Class One 5196401
    1.5T Low Profile Head T/R Assembly 46-264988G2
    LCC Pressure Transducer w/ Display, SUNX 2299843-2
    Ground Isolation Filter 5118952
    LX3 270MHz Octane I Computer 2198999-4
    Emotion Gantry Fan (230V 50Hz 300W 970CBM/H) 7060619
    Right Terminal Connector 047 For Symphony 5513705
    Left Connector Terminal 047 For Symphony 5513713
    Table Encoder Assembly 2269175
    A – Port Bezel and Harness for L/R Port 5111020
    Remote RF Exciter 2 Board 2361470-3
    MERCURY 900-07071 MINERVA II SLAVE (R400B) 2325947-13
    Basic Processor MRC R630 3600 3GB 10304172
    3.0T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Bridge 5325953-2
    Magnet Monitor 2219400
    Cradle Drive Assembly- H Power 2339120
    High Impedance MRI ECG Lead Wires (E8819RC) 2219452-2
    LVPS TRI 2212166-8
    Black MR SCIM 5148389-2
    System Cabinet Air Filter 46-306565P1
    ADM Assembly (Module Cl. A) 7273811
    MDAS 16 Slice Left Backplane Assembly 2332632
    Eaton EX 3000 P30 UPS – 230V Rack 3000VA 4015970
    RF System Controller 450008.09
    Image Processor 059 M450 10143232
    19″ NEC LCD Color Monitor – Black 5169069-6
    Discovery Raptor Main Power Supply 2367470-2
    DAC Board, D112 7369973
    VIG Computer – with updated VRAC 5114533-2
    NMR DVMR Driver Module FRU Kit 5160446
    Top Cover Side, Left Assembly HD Positioning GT 5127467-5
    Arm Board Rear Hinge Assembly 5173088
    Arm Board Front Hinge Assembly 5173088-2
    DARC 2 for 4 Slice SDAS (Jarrell) 5147442-3
    PPC KV Control V3 5407237-5
    Reference Sensor 46-244822G1
    8290 Gradient Amplifier Shelf 2178378
    Left Control Panel, Blue-Violet 7544799
    8 Channel CTL Coil Alignment Clip Set 2377426-12
    CT Scan Window Assembly, H2 through HP 5142849-4
    VolumeZoom GI Card 4808155
    Console Filter, 25 PPI Quadrafoam UL94 HF-1 5128180
    Adsorber for Sumitomo F-50 5264644
    XGD Gradient Master Control Board 5250128
    Nvidia Quadro4 980XGL 128MB AGP8X 3D Dual DVI Video Card 180-10152-0000-A03
    Z400 DVD-RW Optical Drive 5370415-4
    23XX MVME Board 2197234
    B Bezel and Harness Assembly, 8 Channel 5111020-2
    Programmed Rotation V3 Board 5327993-4
    M304 Fan 220V 50Hz 220W 760CBM/H 4676862
    Cable- Run 827 FJ3 TO FJ4 and MS5A5 46-328578P1
    Right Control Panel, Blue-Violet 7544773
    Fan 220VAC 18W M1-M4 7058837
    BIT3 617-1 PCI Card for Octane 2124215-8
    A5131 Power Supply / Blower Control Board 4763194
    Satchwell Controller MKIII 7548261
    Patient Handling Power Supply for Halogen PAL 5109368
    XW8200 FOR OPENMR 5117866-22
    265mm Tapeswitch 3 Positioning GT 5133732
    D12 E3 Board 4758251
    Pump Up Pedal Assembly, Infinity Blue 46-271031G9
    VIG 2 with VRAC 2 5159834-2
    PAC 2 Assembly 5112668-2
    EMC RF Slipring Drum Style (Green) 2167009
    Sumitomo F-70H Compressor 10121435
    High Res Brain Coil Phantom Holder 2317112-3
    18/35A Contactor, 24VDC Coil 2269902-2
    LPS P30 7396430
    Orion-T, Tile Single Module Class A 455012009244
    Hi Resolution Brain Coil Superior Mirror 5146634-6
    8290 System Control Assembly (SCA) 2178379
    P9237HF RF Slipring Transmitter 2167011
    Computer MR-VA BR Avoir 10660840
    Proximity Sensor 2277404
    Fujitsu USA, USB, PC-Keyboard 10161835
    Seagate Savvio 10K.6 HDD 9WE066-881
    Seagate Video 2.5 HDD v3 ST1000NX0313
    16 Sl MDAS Center Backplane 2332631
    HD DIFB 5194006-3
    HEMRC Assembly (H2 Gantry) 2208043
    Fiber Optic Cable (W33a, 25M, FOC) 5753319
    Cooling System Cpl. MVF 7398790
    Paddle Wheel 5762062
    Detector Module Type B 4820887
    IES Tower 6 8879400
    Octane Graphics Card 1 and Card 2 2169940-36
    Digital Receiver & Filter II (DRF2) 2298332
    Interface and Remote RF Functions II 2358122
    DURA 422-MV 5534776
    Heater V7 Board 5337181
    Rotor Capacitor Set 2215674-2
    Laser For Conquest Magnet Front Cover Assembly 2162554-4
    HDMR2 B Port 16 Channel Bezel and Harness 5111020-52
    Gantry SDAS (Data Acquisition System) DCB Controller Fo H2 Gantry 2245257
    Polyethylene Cradle Guide 46-271831P1
    50 Amp Contactor 2351489
    Starter Unit for Panorama Gradient Cabinet 451000000732
    PAC II Assembly 2122268-3
    B Bezel Cable Harness~ Hypertronics, 16 Channel 5371622-52
    Analogic 8295 Gradient Amp, Sub-component: Power Supply 10-602297-01
    Vibrant Biopsy Breast Coil Mechanical Assembly 5380566
    Excite Reflex 200 to 400 Upgrade 2325947-11
    1.0T Quad Extremity Coil Cable- Non ID 2225479-9
    Processor MR-VA MRC Avior/Q2000 10660918
    HSDCD RX With ESD Protection 2245896-2
    SC-Fast KV HV Tank 5332530
    Control Board, D2 3836389
    Dock Motor, 450W/750W 5173426
    Analogic 8295 Gradient Amp, Sub-component: Gradient Shelf 10-60229-02
    HDV REMOTE RECEIVER MODULE 8 Channel 5174169-2
    Pedal Cover Positioning GT 5120586-2
    Fan 230V 50HZ 92W 240CBM/H 4694873
    H1 HV Cables 46-195120G21
    PCI, SCSI Card 2169940-9
    CAN-BUS D1 Card 4752734
    8 Channel Hi Res Brain Coil .25 Thick Blue Head Pad 2317112-10
    On-Line 1625-059-01 PDU Control PWB 46-307819P46
    Transmitter D11 10092367
    Brush for Stator-Ring 7395101
    0.7T / 0.35T SSM CPD Board 552100
    MG2A11, Peripheral Pulse Cable 2219097
    HP8200 Lightscribe DVD R/RW Drive 395132-001
    RAM (To Be Updated) TBD
    Proteus EMC Filter TRI V2B 2209840-2
    HDV Front Base Cover 5173590
    Camera Head 46-233899G19
    1.5T HDe 4 Channel Torso Array Cable Assembly 5140890
    Left Top Side Cover 1700 Assembly, Optima 660 5133507-13
    P204AA CT/e-T Detector Assembly 2321043
    X/i Collimator for D3152T Tube 2258669
    HFO Shoulder Coil Pad- Left E8801TG
    HFO Shoulder Coil Pad- Right E8801TH
    Dura 202-MV Tube 5534750
    2 Segment Gantry Contact Switch 2269009
    Excite GOC Computer Cabinet Right Side Cover 2377018
    Intel PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter C36649-002
    Celsius Tower Power Supply (PSU PC/WS 230V, 5V/12V)(SEE NOTES!!!) S26113-E482-V60
    Celsius Tower 12V Fan 8690864
    VCT Cradle Assembly, Long Positioning 5173098
    TGPU BOARD HD 2349697-4
    CT Octane 2205488-2
    TwinSpeed Main Disconnect Panel 2375862
    CCD Camera V3 (Sensor) 7150019
    Small Contract DC 24v 4NO 20A 400V 3085149

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