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Why choose DirectMed Parts & Service?

  • ISO 13485: We are certified and hold our standards to the highest of quality.
  • A Stress-Free Process: Use our expertise to walk you through the process.
  • Exchange Program: Save money, send us your repairable non working coil.
  • Available 24/7: We understand the importance of patient health.
  • Largest Coil Inventory: We carry MRI Devices, Invivo, USAI, and Medical Advances
  • Loaner Coils: Minimize downtime, use one our coils while yours is repaired.

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Discovery MR 450 1.5T Split Head Coil (5182594)
Image Compute Node HDx (5127452 & 5127452-3)
DURA 532 AKRON-Q Tube (7393148)
Part of the day social posts - mpcu3 (7383396)
Hercules Performix Pro VCT 100 Tube (2219500-4)
Part of the day social posts - power module 274 (45221502070)
Part of the day social posts - MX200 Performix 6.3 MHU CT Tube (2137130-2)
POTD 5146634-2 GE HD 8ch Brain Array
Spine Matrix Coil (7579340)
VCT DARC Ed 2, with VCT DIP 64 (5114523-2)
Sumitomo RDK-408A2 Coldhead (2218465-3)
1.5T 32 Channel Cardiac Coil - Anterior & Posterior (5366664-3) (5366664-2)
1.5T Excite Multicoil Assembly (Populated) (2296093-2)
1.5T GEM Anterior Array 5391442
A - Port Bezel and Harness for L R Port - 5111020