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Mobile MRI Machines – What Are the Benefits

Apr 23, 2021 | Articles, Mobile

The healthcare environment often demands flexibility and the ability to adapt to frequent changes, so the creation of mobile MRI machines is a recent innovation in the industry that offers an accessible solution designed to provide quality patient care at a moment’s notice. 

Imaging technology on wheels can address various economic factors that prevent medical facilities from increasing their productivity, particularly for those who neither have space nor budget to accommodate the additional installation of MRI devices. 

After all, healthcare practices today won’t be complete without providing crucial imaging equipment since they play an integral role in diagnosing and treating many conditions. But what makes a mobile MRI an excellent alternative for healthcare facilities? 

  • Mobile MRI Machines Make Sense If You Have Space or Building Constraints 

Every available square footage is precious in healthcare practice, and since space is in such high demand, it may be tricky to fit in MRI machines since it demands prime real estate. So when a small medical facility doesn’t have the floor capacity for such a massive investment, moving a mobile MRI machine outside can be the next best solution. 

Clinics in rural areas, in particular, can benefit the most from mobile MRI machines since it ensures anyone can have access to high-quality healthcare. Not to mention, mobile units come with protective measures that preserve the scanner’s image quality, so you don’t have to worry about coming shortly on the equipment’s performance despite the lower costs. 

  • Mobile MRI Machines Cut the Budget for Financially Struggling Facilities 

If your hospital or medical facility does not cater to large patient volumes, then it may not be worth investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for an MRI machine installation. However, it’s important to provide extensive healthcare services, making mobile MRI machines the perfect choice. 

Hospitals can provide imaging services on demand but don’t need to pay for the facility’s full costs. 

  • Mobile MRI Machines Step in for Short Term Purposes 

In case your in-house MRI machine breaks down or is simply in the middle of a system upgrade, renting a mobile MRI machine ensures you can mitigate any downtime and service disruptions. This means you can continue operations and minimize the blow to your revenue since mobile MRI rentals can momentarily step in to keep up with your facility’s demands. 


The Bottom Line: How Mobile MRI Machines Are Transforming the Medical Industry Today 

MRI machines are one of the most expensive modalities in a hospital, making mobile alternatives such as MRI machines on wheels a silver lining. 


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