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In an effort to go paperless, many diagnostics centers often store their patient data on their computers. While this is a highly efficient way to store files and retrieve certain bits of information when they are needed, they may be in danger of getting lost. This is where making sure that you have a backup of your data and essential patient information. 

If you have experienced a loss of essential patient data in the past, you are aware of how important it is to prevent data losses. This blog post will help ensure that your diagnostics center has the necessary preventative measures in place to ensure that no patient information and imaging results will be lost.


Methods That Prevent Patient Data Loss From Happening

Although nobody ever wishes for these things to happen, the truth is that data outages and breaches do occur. Therefore, your diagnostics facility should be prepared for when such breaches happen. Here are a few of the best ways to safeguard patient data and protect it from getting lost.


1. Preventive Planning

It pays to plan ahead when it comes to protecting patient data. It pays to come up with a step-by-step plan in case of incidents. Appointing certain members of the team to be responsible for the recovery of the data will help you be ready in case anything goes wrong.


2. Back Up Your Data

You have probably heard this a million times already. Have a backup of all the vital information your diagnostics center has. Whether this backup is saved on a separate drive on your computer, on a separate computer altogether, or a flash drive, it is crucial that you have a backup that you update regularly.


3. Digital Record Data Redundancy

Even if you already have a backup, you should make a backup of that backup. Having multiple copies of your data will give you a better chance of recovering all the information should any data loss incidents happen.


4. Self-Healing Technology

There are specific systems that support “self-healing technology that is already built into the system and will help solve any data loss issues as they happen. This type of system may have features that repair damaged components and will automatically reboot the system to ensure that your facilities will go back up and running as soon as possible.


5. Talk to a Data Expert

Lastly, it is helpful to talk to a data expert to ensure that all your imaging machines are hooked up to a system that will protect your data from being lost in case of emergencies. These experts will ensure that you have all the necessary precautions you need to prevent data loss.



It is a good idea to check that all of your data protection procedures are constantly up and running to ensure that even if outages happen, you will never lose any essential data. Your patients and associate physicians will be thankful to know that you have put these precautions into place to help ensure smooth sailing for your operations.

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