How To Evaluate MRI Machines And Suppliers For Your Facility

by | Feb 15, 2021 | MRI

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Getting an MRI machine is much like purchasing a car. You have a budget, an idea of what you want, and are looking for the best deal. You probably also know what MRI parts and features would best help you in your practice. Before contacting an MRI equipment supplier, here are things you need to know.


Why You Want To Purchase an MRI Machine

Before you invest in an MRI machine, you have to know why you are purchasing one in the first place. There are various models of medical imaging equipment available, with different features, at various price points. Think of whether you’re getting a machine to replace an old one or adding to an existing pool of equipment. If you want to get a new one, you’re probably in a hurry to have your old one replaced.


What Services Your Facility Offers

Do you conduct in-house MRIs to guide your chiropractic treatment, or are you a clinic or hospital offering MRA, MRV, and breast MRIs? Your circumstances will guide the kind of machine you will purchase. For some practices, a traditional machine will be the best value for their money. For others, a wide-bore or open high-field MRI machine is better.


Whether You Need An Upgrade Or Not

If your machine is 20 years old, you might want to consider an upgrade instead of a replacement. Medical imaging has improved vastly, and just the last ten years has brought significant advances in the field. Think of your patient population, how often you use your machine, and what kind of diagnoses your machine assists. If you are a full-service clinic, you would probably want the latest in MRI technology.


Your Medical Facility’s Budget

The budget will significantly affect the kind of machine you get for your facility. Top-of-the-line, brand-new machines are understandably pricier than refurbished equipment. Beyond the initial purchase price, though, you need to think long term. Will maintaining this equipment rack up a larger bill in the long run? Does it need special arrangements for proper operation? Factor the extraneous details in when considering the cost.


How To Evaluate An Equipment Company

After considering these issues and finding a model that suits your facility, it is time to find a medical imaging equipment company that can sell you the machine you need. Here are things you should look for when weighing machine companies or MRI parts suppliers.


Consider The Equipment Company’s Reputation

Check reviews from previous customers or, if you can, speak to them about the service experience. Talking to previous customers is especially important if you’re getting a refurbished machine. Besides the quality of equipment, you should ask about the staff’s promptness and professionalism in responding to inquiries. 


Look For Warranties On Their Equipment

The warranty on your equipment will vary based on whether you’re purchasing new or secondhand equipment. Before buying a machine, check how long the warranty is and the services or parts it covers. Are the coils, cold head, compressor, and chiller part of the warranty? See if this information is available on the company’s website; if not, contact them and ask about the warranty coverage.


Check For Maintenance And Repair Services

Though it might be inconsequential to you that the company you’re looking at offers maintenance and repair services, it is a convenient service. It lets you set up a maintenance contract with the equipment company, ensuring that the supplier of your machine is also the one who will address issues with it.



Looking for a new MRI machine does not need to be stressful. However, it requires a thorough evaluation of your options. Beyond price and model, there are other things you must think of when buying an MRI scanner. If you consider everything in this article, you can be sure that the equipment you would get fits the bill!

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