How 2021 Will Change the CT Scanner Market

by | Dec 2, 2020 | CT

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Since the initial COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 has proven itself unexpected, among other things. Bearing the brunt of these changes are the healthcare and medical imaging sectors catering to both temporary and permanent adjustments. 

As such, those who exist within the CT market are anticipating further changes in their core modalities. Here is what your medical imaging enterprise can expect in the coming 12 to 18 months. 


Increased Demand for Scans

Thanks to increased COVID-19 screening, there is an abundance of backlogs that CT technicians will need to attend to. Besides making up for shut-downs and absorbed bandwidth, CT scanning will play a key role in research.


Increased Mobile Demand

While it won’t remain in full-flux in 2021, many will choose to uphold social distancing measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. Thus, healthcare providers must consider the use of mobile CTs. 

The good news is, mobile CTs remove the costly logistics of building construction and can provide a quick solution on-the-go. Teams can adhere to more cost-effective schedules by sanitizing one machine while another is in use. 

Refurbished Equipment 

For hospitals, healthcare centers, and clinics, budgets remain tight, whereas capital investments are virtually out of the picture. Thus, a need to maintain reasonable pricing will drive many towards refurbishing equipment over purchasing new machines. 

What buyers must keep in mind is to vet and screen providers thoroughly. Whether virtually or in person, get to know your chosen provider’s methods and processes. Where do they refurbish their equipment? What type of sanitation procedures do they employ?

Alternative Financing Options  

Imaging patient providers will have no shortage of requests in the following year. As such, thousands of enterprises must turn to creative financing options. 

Gone will be the days of purchasing equipment—at least for now. Vendors must consider offering rental or subscription-model financing for centers with a strapped budget. Though these types of payment models are typically reserved for small, mobile, or portable systems, rentals are becoming a staple within the metal market. 

Thanks to innovative solutions, healthcare providers can continue to offer services via low-risk methods. They now also have the opportunity to rely on operating expenses instead of capital budgets. 


 What Does the Future Hold?

Despite the apparent challenges currently manifesting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these predictions remain as they are—just predictions. With that in mind, circumstances have optimistic chances for improvement—but vendors in the CT market must continue to adapt. 

As uncertainty continues to penetrate various sectors, imaging facilities need a means to pivot as necessary. Therefore, thousands have to explore alternative methods of meeting new demands, expanding an already-strained capacity, and introducing new modalities. Via mobile options, the refurbishing of equipment, and innovative financing, imaging facilities can perform the necessary procedures for patients in dire need. 

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