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Here’s Why Wide Bore MRI Scanners Are a Great Choice

May 6, 2021 | Articles, MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a medical facility. The machine helps diagnose different medical conditions, paving the way for a more focused treatment. It’s a huge unit available in different makes and models. 

A wide bore MRI is one of the most preferred types of MRI, especially in large medical facilities. This is because it allows professionals to acquire high-quality images to provide a more accurate diagnosis; at the same time, it offers patients a more comfortable experience. 

Patients are already anxious before coming to the facility for a test. They’re thinking about the possible diagnosis and its impact on their health and quality of life. By using a wide bore MRI, medical facilities can help ease that anxiety.


Wide Bore MRI

MRIs rely on large magnets and radio waves, which radiologists use to view various body parts and structures. It’s a useful tool to diagnose and treat potentially serious health conditions, such as kidney and liver diseases, conditions in the bones and joints, disc damage, cancers, blood vessel and heart issues, and brain and nervous system problems. 

Indeed, there are many benefits of using MRIs, but one of the biggest concerns is the narrow opening and sides. These can be intimidating, and it can be more challenging to accommodate larger-sized patients and those in pain and suffering from mobility issues. 

A wide-bore MRI can help address these patient concerns. In turn, there will be more accurate images for proper diagnosis. 

On a standard MRI, the bore size is 60 centimeters in diameter. Meanwhile, a wide-bore MRI has an opening of 70 centimeters. With that extra space, it makes a lot of difference in accommodating patients and making them feel more comfortable. 


Benefits of Wide-Bore MRI

There are many benefits to using wide-bore MRIs, such as: 

  • Better accommodations: Wide-bore MRIs can accommodate larger-sized patients, those with mobility issues, and patients who are in pain. 
  • Reduces discomfort: A wide-bore MRI can reduce the discomfort and fear in patients, especially those who are claustrophobic. 
  • Broader testing and treatment: Wide-bore MRIs help increase the number of people who get tested, which decreases the number of potentially serious health conditions that could go undetected without this thorough testing. 
  • Better image quality: You can guarantee greater comfort with wide-bore MRI scans. That way, patients are less nervous, because the chances of them shifting or moving around during testing are less. 
  • More efficiency: Wide-bore MRIs promote more efficient testing with fewer errors or retakes. That way, patients won’t need to spend so much time in the machine, which is also beneficial for those feeling uneasy inside an MRI machine.



Whether you’re looking for MRI scanners for your facility or thinking of upgrading, there are a lot of benefits you can get out of a wide-bore MRI. With all of these benefits listed in this post, it only shows that this type of MRI scanner is a great choice. This will give you better quality images, make your patients more comfortable, and allow for more accurate diagnosis. With that, it can help you better treat your patients. 

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