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Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile CT Scanner

Nov 6, 2020 | Articles, Mobile

CT scanners are among the most critical systems in any healthcare facility. They produce high-quality images that physicians use to give a proper diagnosis for their patients. 

That said, it’s worth mentioning that these scanners are also quite expensive. On top of that, they must be placed in optimized and controlled environments to capture the best images. 

However, there may be instances where the usual CT scanners may not be the best choice for your hospital or clinic. This is especially true for smaller healthcare facilities that do not have enough funds to purchase the machine, or for those that prefer a completely movable solution. In these cases, you can invest in mobile CT scanners instead. 

While this may be another big investment to make, here are four great reasons why funding a mobile CT scanner is a smart move to make.


1. It Allows You to be Completely Mobile

Mobile CT Scanner


Basically, a mobile CT scanner is a computed tomography system on wheels. This feature is what distinguishes it greatly from fixed scanners. Having mobile equipment in your facility allows you to move from one location to another with less hassle. 

To set it up, all your trained technicians need to do is unpack the mobile scanner and plug it in. Then, when it’s time to switch locations once again, the technicians will only need to pack it in and get on their way. 


2. It Entails Lower Upfront Costs 

While mobile scanners usually require higher operating costs to keep producing high-quality images than your usual scanners, they allow you to save money in many other different ways. 

One of the most important things worth remembering is that mobile CT scanners do not need a CT exam room. This effectively eliminates the need to build one or renovate an existing room for CT use. Furthermore, this means that you won’t need to work with architects, construction crews, contractors, and so on! 


3. It Helps You Keep Up with Your Backlogs

If you have been struggling to trim your backlogs of patients due for scanning, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a CT scanner. This is especially true if doing so will only strain your finances. 

Purchasing mobile scanners instead is the more cost-effective way around this. Although they are still quite expensive, these machines are relatively cheaper than their fixed counterparts. 

Having mobile CT scanners in your facility may be just what you need to promptly decrease your backlogs and give your physicians the images they need for their patients’ treatments. 


4. It Enables You to Serve Your Local Community Better 

Purchasing a mobile CT scanner makes sense, especially if healthcare facilities in your community lack such a machine. 

Having this enables you to serve the patients in your locality better. They no longer need to travel long distances to get their scans done at hospitals with CT scans. Ultimately, they can now enjoy easier access to affordable and better diagnosis. 



If you are looking for an economic solution for your small hospital or clinic, purchasing a mobile CT scanner is a smart move. This machine gives you the versatility and benefits of having a fully movable scanner. It allows you to avoid the high costs of building a dedicated CT exam room and helps you decrease your backlogs. Ultimately, it enables you to provide better and more accessible care for your patients.

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