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Brief Overview About The GE MRI 750W 3T


The Discovery MR750 advances 3.0T imaging with exceptional homogeneity and gradient stability.

The Discovery MR750 helps users conduct routine, accurate, and repeatable exams more easily and in less time with greater image quality1. Built around a third–generation, short-bore, superconducting 3.0T magnet, the user-friendly MR750 enables users to setup patients faster and make exams more comfortable. And a comprehensive suite of robust applications helps remove the challenges posed by some of the most challenging exams.



  • High performance whole-body gradients designed to deliver powerful 50 mT/m amplitude and 200 T/m/s slew-rate on each axis simultaneously
  • ARC parallel-imaging, which utilizes a full 3D data kernel for more accurate reconstruction
  • A volume-reconstruction engine that enables real-time image generation
  • OpTix optical RF technology, engineered to increase signal clarity and maximize signal intensity
  • PERFORM 2.0, which automatically fine-tunes system SAR modeling and personalizes it for each patient
  • The eXtreme resonance module (XRM), which delivers a 48-cm field of view with linearity
  • VIBRANT Flex technology, which combines multiple series of breast scans into one
  • Time of Flight (TOF) imaging, which rapidly captures high-definition images that display small-vessel detail and blood-flow subtleties—without contrast injections
  • IntelliTouch patient positioning—start scanning in just two steps.
  • BrainWave suite of functional MRI (fMRI) applications, which provide excellent signal stability, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.


Clinical Use Whole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 60 cm
Magnet Type Superconducting
Magnetic Field Strength 3 T
Weight 9750 kg


Top GE MRI TwinSpeed Excite Parts in Stock


5109368 Patient Handling Power Supply for Halogen PAL GE MRI
U1-100422 3.0T 8 Channel HD Cardiac Array GE MRI
CMRI 102 ComfortScan Stereo System GE MRI
2361470-2 RF Exciter 2 Board GE MRI
2363727 15″ LCD Color Monitor GE MRI
2248992-3 GP2 Module GE MRI
2121199-8 Small Blower With Mounting Bracket and Capacitor Assembly GE MRI
5308342-2 1.5T HD 8 Channel Foot and Ankle Coil GE MRI
2280952-2 STIF Assembly GE MRI
2281038 I/O Board GE MRI
2283061 0.35T MFO Wrist Array Coil GE MRI
M64EA Medrad 1.5T Extremity GE MRI
2216027 Pressure Transducer (w/o Display) GE MRI
2300169-3 Octane II Host Computer GE MRI
2218899 Maestro Bore Light Probe Endcap GE MRI
2115088-2 TYME 2 Assembly GE MRI
2305884 RF Module Assembly (Chassis only) GE MRI
2304255-2 1.5T 8 Channel Cardiac Array GE MRI
5147137-2 3.0T HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil GE MRI
2113284 1.0/1.5T Bias Resistor Circuit Board GE MRI
46-282757G1 1.5T Dock Control Box GE MRI
46-287370G8 SRI Assembly GE MRI
2423193 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Neck & Chest GE MRI
2274188 Remote RF Multiplexor GE MRI
2222564-5 Procon Pump GE MRI
2273180-3 .7T Body Flex Coil (Large) GE MRI
2270862-2 Gas Spring GE MRI
2325947-8 MCPJ6 Reflex AP Board (Reflex 400) GE MRI
PS-1228 Battery – PS-1228 GE MRI
5325953-3 3.0T HNS Coil (Spine T/L) GE MRI
2263200-40 GE MRI Cable Run 825 GE MRI
2349808 GE Excite Receiver 2 Board Assembly GE MRI
2380635-5 Signa Excite 3T Knee/Foot Cable ASM GE MRI
2154502-2 Sumitomo Supply He Line GE MRI
46-243775G757 Head T/R Cable to Pre-Amp GE MRI
46-258802P1 Rail Clamp GE MRI
2323992 Hydraulic Pump Assembly GE MRI
46-271031G9 Pump Up Pedal Assembly, Infinity Blue GE MRI
2375862 TwinSpeed Main Disconnect Panel GE MRI
5141010 PS for ASC/DCERD GE MRI
5137347-2 3.0T Multi-coil I/F Module for HDMR_2 GE MRI
2225545-2 1.5T CTL Cable Assembly GE MRI
5133807 DCERD2 Digital Board GE MRI
2160200-10 Erbtec #550026 HV Power Supply Board GE MRI
2292268 15V RF Power Supply GE MRI
2294300-14 HDMR2 AGP-APS Circuit Board GE MRI
2293670-2 1.5T High Resolution Wrist Coil GE MRI
2296100 Driver Module GE MRI
2148300-8 1.5T CERD Exciter GE MRI
5250106 MUX 2 Board GE MRI
5250154 UPM RF Detector 2 Board GE MRI
46-320147G1 GRAM Module GE MRI
46-320406P1 1.5T Signa Knee Phased Array Coil GE MRI
5112582 Analogic 8295 Gradient Amp GE MRI
5143798-2 MR HDMR-2 Host HP 9300 Workstation GE MRI
46-282646G1 Drive Belt Idler Pulley GE MRI
46-264442G3 1.5T Pre-Amplifier Box GE MRI
2280060 ACGD Lite Gradient GE MRI
2281925 0.2 T CTL PA Coil GE MRI
DH-16DYP DVD-ROM Drive for 9300 GE MRI
46-317903G1 Fiber Optic PPG Cable (Enter Length) GE MRI
5154662 HDV 1.5T Reference Clock and NB Exciter GE MRI
2219341 Ruetheum Oxide Sensor Amplifier GE MRI
2218400 .7T MSHS (Mousehouse) GE MRI
2211724-2 TGA0802A 0.2 RF Amp (2kW) GE MRI
5911000-4 Sunfire 4170 Image Compute Node GE MRI
2423318 HNS Spine T/L Coil Cable Assembly GE MRI
5184384-2 450W Cradle Latch Hook GE MRI
5264644 Adsorber for Sumitomo F-50 GE MRI
2222547 WideOpen Bore Light Assembly, Fixed and Mobile GE MRI
2280951 SRF/ TRF Board GE MRI
46-271292P1 Clamping Knob Insert 1/2-13 Thread-Mounting Block GE MRI
5341331 Hydraulic Rotary Pump Assembly GE MRI
2416329 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Anterior Bridge GE MRI
5341333 3.0T 16 Channel HNS Posterior GE MRI
5343013 Pancake DAS Service Power Supply GE MRI
5250066 IRF3 Board GE MRI
5370415-4 Z400 DVD-RW Optical Drive GE MRI
46-220277P22 EXT Radial Mount 0.312 Shaft Dia GE MRI
2414331 3.0T HD Shoulder Array- 3 Channel GE MRI
2377425-AC 8 Ch Body Array Anterior Connector Clamshell GE MRI
2219452-3 High Impedance ECG Patient Cable (E8819RD) GE MRI
5326169 Vanguard HYP Cable System GE MRI
321628-001 NVidia Quatro HP 8000 Video Card GE MRI
5370415-8 HP Z400 MR DV Host Computer GE MRI
5250066-3 IRF2B Board GE MRI
5371622-52 B Bezel Cable Harness~ Hypertronics, 16 Channel GE MRI


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