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Brief Overview About The GE MRI HDe

Signa HDe 1.5T brings world class image quality, energy efficiency, and the long-term investment protection from GE in a patient-friendly package.

The GE Signa HDe 1.5T MRI system is the most compact MR imaging system offered by GE, taking up 30% less site space than comparable systems. Equipped with a detachable gantry table that will improve workflow as well as patient safety, the GE Signa HDe 1.5T MRI machine is also built for energy efficiency, using about 41% less energy than previous generation systems. Each used GE Signa HDe 1.5T MRI system is designed to reduce annual energy consumption by as much as 70,000kWh.


  • 1 cm to 48 cm continuous field-of-view (FOV)
  • 30% smaller footprint than compatible 1.5T MR imaging systems
  • Volume reconstruction engine delivers more than 1300 images per second
  • PROPELLER for motion insensitive brain imaging
  • LAVA volumetric abdominal imaging
  • VIBRANT for bilateral breast imaging in a single exam



Clinical Use Whole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 60 cm
Magnet Type Superconducting
Magnetic Field Strength 1.5 T
Patient Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Weight 11460 kg


Top GE MRI HDe Parts in Stock

2235744-5 BIT 3 PCI Adapter Card Excite II (IT Host) GE MRI
46-243178P3 Ball Bearing – 1/2 ” x 1 3/8″ x 3/8″ GE MRI
5127452-3 Sun 4100 Image Compute Node GE MRI
2253466 Twin Gradient Switch Box GE MRI
2331400-2 GP3 Module GE MRI
2336560 1.5T Split Head Coil Cable ID GE MRI
PECF3127300 RF Door Fingers GE MRI
2236606 Double O-Ring Brass Pugg GE MRI
DI-MRIRDU-V1-GE MRI Remote Diagnostics Unit (RDU) GE MRI
5181495-2 CAM DC Blower GE MRI
46-317758P7 Alarm Unit Control Box GE MRI
2366218-2 UTNS 3 GE MRI
46-282436P1 Carriage Travel Sensor Flag GE MRI
5117866-25 MR Excite Host Linux PC HP 8200 GE MRI
2188440-2 CSW-71D Helium Compressor GE MRI
2169940-78 Octane2 18GB 10K RPM Drive GE MRI
2270055 ACGD Gradient Amp GE MRI
2171620 GE 4K Gasket Install Kit GE MRI
2218465-3 Sumitomo RDK-408A2 Coldhead GE MRI
2381683-2 3.0T 8 Channel Legacy Torso Array GE MRI
5118952 Ground Isolation Filter GE MRI
2225478-9 1.5T Quad Extremity Coil Cable GE MRI
5448742 Dock Spring (Metal or Plastic) GE MRI
2381744 SCSI Tower GE MRI
5105270 SRI-3 GE MRI
5134463 Dock Motor Assembly GE MRI
2394952 Magnet Monitor III GE MRI
2396050-2 HFA Control Board GE MRI
2224562 Analogic 8102 1.5T RF Amplifier GE MRI
5143798-51 73GB Hard Disk (for XW8400, SAS type) GE MRI
2414390 3.0T HD Millenium 8 Channel Neurovascular Coil GE MRI
2230235 Ellis And Watts LTL4 Chiller GE MRI
5130108 Value ICN GE MRI
5115144 3.0T Excite Multicoil Assembly GE MRI
2294300-23 APS2 GE MRI
5196918 Magnet Rundown Unit GE MRI
46-282362P1 Longitudinal Motor Assembly Clutch GE MRI
5109645-2 3T 16 Channel Switch GE MRI
2317115-2 1.5T 8 Channel Neurovascular Array Coil GE MRI
2393108 GE MRI Cradle Assembly GE MRI
2222564-31 Motor Coupling Kit for Gradient Chiller GE MRI
46-288510G4 1.5T Low Profile Pre-Amp Protect GE MRI
2415542 3.0T 8 Channel CTL Array Coil (Hypertronix) GE MRI
5183547-26 147GB 15000RPM 16MB Buffer 3.5 Inch GE MRI
2294300-16 AGP Board GE MRI
2380635-2 3.0T Signa Excite Knee Foot Extremity Coil GE MRI
5146634-2 1.5T HD 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Array Coil GE MRI
2141978-5 Lightning Workspace Interface Module GE MRI
2121199 Blower Cabinet GE MRI GE MRI
5114356-2 1.5T 8 Channel T/R Knee Array Coil GE MRI
2215261 1.5T 4 Channel Torso Array Coil GE MRI


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