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GE MRI Excite HDXt

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Brief Overview About The GE MRI Excite HDXt

See more with high-definition, anatomically optimized imaging for enhanced contrast, reduced blurring, small field of view (FOV) prescriptions, and reduced artifacts. Do more with consistent high-quality imaging by overcoming fat-saturation failures—for perfect image fat suppression, tissue characterization, and artifact reduction. Expect more with 25 years of proven commitment to MR system longevity for upgradeability, uptime, and investment protection.


Leading applications
  • HDxt offers advanced applications and tool sets that enable high level accuracy, productivity, and reliability in high-definition imaging.
  • A proven, homogeneous 1.5T magnet that delivers a full, 48-cm field of view.
  • 16-channel RF
  • HD gradients engineered for high-fidelity to produce high accuracy waveforms.
  • HD Reconstruction engineered for real-time, high-performance image generation.
  • Advanced, high-definition applications—such as CUBE and IDEAL—that help deliver images with premium quality and clarity.
  • High-Density coils—Engineered with coil elements that are optimized for the anatomy and exam.

Top GE MRI Excite HDxT Parts in Stock

46-243494P1 GE MRI Patient Table Wheel Bearing GE MRI
Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen GE MRI
2260427 Ethylene Glycol Body Coil Coolant (Pink Liquid – 1 Gallon) GE MRI
2222548-2 Halogen Lamp Assembly GE MRI
46-317758P18 Squeeze Bulb with Tubing GE MRI
5180380 Wheel Housing Assy W/ Wheels GE MRI
46-253167P1 Wheel Housing for Cradle Bearing GE MRI
2377425-2 1.5T 8CH Body Array Coil (Legacy Connector) GE MRI
2415366 1.5T 8 Channel Body Array HD GE MRI
5143798-3 73GB Hard Disk (for XW8000, XW9300) GE MRI
5143798-6 3 Button Optical Mouse(USB)(Black) GE MRI
2368697-8 HP 8000XW MRI Computer GE MRI
2330275 Plastic Bearing Shoulder Mount Screw GE MRI
A-100 Propylene Glycol A-100 GE MRI
2230683 Analogic 8103, SRFD2 Amplifier GE MRI
2296093-2 1.5T Excite Multicoil Assembly GE MRI
E8811ED Respiratory Bellows Assembly GE MRI
5177597 MRI Cradle Wheel Bearing – 11 ball GE MRI
2334862 ACGD/SGA Power Supply GE MRI
46-243178P2 Ball Bearing – 375″ x .875″ x .281″ GE MRI
46-307819P13 On-Line 1625-004-01 Snubber Board GE MRI
472GE-64 1.5T Quad Extremity Coil GE MRI
5110612-2 HD Driver Module GE MRI
5176921 HFA ACGD Gradient Amp GE MRI
5127452 Image Compute Node HDx GE MRI
2113280 1.5T Dynamic Disable GE MRI
5407408 1.5T GEM HNU GE MRI
2294300-12 SCP2 Board (SCP-II Board) GE MRI
2423192 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (P Connector) GE MRI
2423192 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Posterior (Dual Cable) GE MRI
5179918 Cradle Wheels with Housings (Set of 6) GE MRI
46-282359P2 Gear Reducer GE MRI
2377426-2 1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (Legacy) GE MRI
2274266 1.5T Body Hybrid Splitter GE MRI
2370221 3.0T Body Hybrid Splitter GE MRI
2423194 1.5T 16 Channel HNS Spine GE MRI
2368697-2 PS/2 Three Button Optical Mouse GE MRI
2160200-43 ERBTEC System Support Module (SSM) GE MRI
2416616 12 Channel Body Array (P Connector) GE MRI
2222564-30 50 and 60 Chiller By Lytron GE MRI
2333825 Flowmeter – Water Flow Turbine Assembly GE MRI
5370415-2 146GB Hard Drive for Z400 (ST3146855SS) GE MRI
IPN-10106759 Spine T/L Brass Screw- Cover GE MRI
46-282363P1 Longitudinal Drive Coupling GE MRI
2380637-2 3.0T 8 Channel High Resolution Brain Array GE MRI
5391442 1.5T GEM Anterior Array GE MRI
5146634-BB Brain Bucket GE MRI
2383613-3 1.5T Quad Extremity Coil ID Cable GE MRI
2379186 DIGI Terminal Server GE MRI
2415561 1.5T 12 Channel Body Array Coil (A & B Port Hypertronix) GE MRI
2415410 3.0T 8 Channel HDMR2 Torso Array Coil (Rx) GE MRI
2296092-2 1.5T Integrated Head Assembly GE MRI
46-271439G3 Longitudinal Motor Assembly GE MRI
5143798-14 HP 9300 Host Workstation GE MRI
46-136334P49 SPDT Snap-Action Switch With Screw Ter GE MRI
2418267 1.5T 8 Channel CTL Anterior Bridge GE MRI
2317112-2 1.5T 8 Channel Hi Res Brain Coil (Legacy) GE MRI
ST3146855SS 146 GB, 15K.5 Hard Drive GE MRI
2416758 1.5T 8 Channel CTL Coil (HD) GE MRI
2294300-4 MGD Chassis APS W/IT Board GE MRI
5139563 InfiniBand Board GE MRI
5147225-2 HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil GE MRI
2284074 ACGD / PDU Cabinet Air Filter GE MRI
2221400 UCERD GE MRI
2294300-22 SCP 3 GE MRI
2330269 Plunger Slide GE MRI
46-265779G1 Hydraulic Pump Assembly GE MRI


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