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GE CT LS Ultra 8

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Brief Overview About The GE CT LS Ultra 8

The GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 Slice CT System is a third generation multi-slice helical CT Scanner. It features a 53 kW generator, 6.3 MHU tube, and a fast gantry rotation time of 0.5 seconds.

Capable of imaging 8 slices per rotation with widths of 8 x 125 mm and 8 x 2.5 mm as well as 4 slice widths of 4 x 1.25 mm to 4 x 5 mm slices.



  • 6.3 MHU Tube
  • Solid State Detectors
  • High Performance DAS
  • Operators Console
  • 53KW Generator
  • 10 to 440 MA
  • Subsecond Scan Time
  • Dual Monitors
  • Helical Tilt
  • Variviewer
  • 70 CM Gantry Aperture
  • Magnetic Optical Disk Storage
  • +/- 30 Degree Gantry Tilt
  • 120 Second Helical


GE CT LS Ultra 8 Parts in Stock 


2214604 Filament Board 1 Inverter GE CT
5316594-2 Fiber Optic, Gantry to OC GE CT
5112263 Console J20 / LHI-CHN to AT Console Abort Cable (Gray – 8 Inches) GE CT
2204426 P9231VE Audio Module GE CT
2251554-3 P9231WT NPRM Assembly GE CT
2187725 NP+ Detector Assembly GE CT
5119410 Fiber Optic Cable (Orange) GE CT
2107544-3 HP DAS Analog Controller GE CT
2320265 850 MB Platter HSDCD Slipring GE CT
2320973 Heat Exchanger Power I/F Board GE CT
2171572 P9234WM Temperature Control Assembly GE CT
2171662 HighSpeed DAS Left Backplane Assembly GE CT
2377227 UTP Transceiver – BNC TO RJ45 W/I.T. GE CT
2225476-2 1.5T Neurovascular Coil GE CT
46-288512G1 I/O Gantry Board GE CT
5114128 Cradle Driver To J204 GE CT
6296402-3 Saturn Class 3 Detector Module GE CT
5125784 Stepping Motor Driver Cable GE CT
5337181 Heater V7 Board GE CT
5127774 Elevation Potentiometer GE CT
5125259-2 Console to Gantry Fiber Optic GE CT
Reevo 240G Dunlee Version MX240 Tube GE CT
2251435 P9231VF O2 SKL R5200 w/ 9GB HD GE CT
2177064 RF Platter Slipring GE CT
2287134-4 Harness GDAS Jumper GE CT
SW9576C SW-9576-C Panasonic 4.7GB 16X DVDRW GE CT
5122080 GT 1700 VCT Table GE CT
2225218 DCB Housing Assy GE CT
5135265 Cradle Stepping Motor Clutch Assembly GE CT
5127284 Proportional Valve Asm GE CT
5309865 Smart Box GE CT
Gantry Cover Bolts GE CT
5368687 Global Scan Control Box GE CT
5270510-3 Peripheral Tower USB, 2 – bay black enclosure with DVD-RAM & -RW drives GE CT
MT-IL3300 MT-IL3300 Cardiac table Top GE CT
2245257 Gantry SDAS (Data Acquisition System) DCB Controller Fo H2 Gantry GE CT
2209547-5 Gate Command Board V2C GE CT
2242441-3 Equipped Inverter Jedi 60 DC GE CT
2200529-2 P9231MB Peripheral Fan Assembly GE CT
5127282 Hydraulic Cylinder Assy GE CT
2242440-11 Programmed Rotation Board V5.07 GE CT
2201882 Touch SW2 Assembly GE CT
2275608-3 Power Pan GE CT
5436993 Helios Collimator Filter GE CT
2285697 5V Power Supply GE CT
2215315-2 CCB Terminator – RoHS GE CT
5116539 Jedi 60DC Equipped Fan Inverter GE CT
2371626-3 BP-Chassis Center Backplane 16-slice GE CT
2204421 P9231VK System Board GE CT
5112510 50ohm GDAS Right Signal Cable GE CT
2225217 Power Supply 12VDC ASM, E-Case GE CT
2167011 P9237HF RF Slipring Transmitter GE CT
5151157 DAS Cable- Thermostat Assembly GE CT
5113617 Top Cover Side Brkt 11 positioning GT GE CT
2252889 DAS Duct Center Filter GE CT
2250656 SAF H1 HSDCD Antenna GE CT
2225209 Right Side Power Supply Assembly GE CT
2335326 Harness, DC Power (H16) GE CT


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