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Everything You Need To Know About:

GE CT LightSpeed 4 Slice

Specifications, Parts, Repairs, Service

Brief Specifications About The GE CT LightSpeed Plus 4


  • 6.3 MHU Tube
  • Solid State Detectors
  • High Performance DAS
  • Operator’s Console
  • 53KW Generator
  • 10 to 440 MA
  • Subsecond Scan Time
  • Dual Monitors
  • Helical Tilt
  • Variviewer
  • 70 CM Gantry Aperture
  • Magnetic Optical Disk Storage
  • +/- 30 Degree Gantry Tilt
  • 120 Second Helical


Top GE CT LightSpeed 4 Parts in Stock


2322994-2 MDAS Thin Converter GE CT
5147442-100 Darc 2 without DIP (Jarrell) GE CT
5270886 Signal Brush Kit GE CT
5271812 Power Brush Kit GE CT
5136400 VCT 64 Sherlock Detector Module (Class 2) GE CT
PS-12-9 Eaton 9355 Battery GE CT
2253678 VCT Type 1 Signal Brush Tips GE CT
5182284-2 Axial Encoder Assembly GE CT
5196402 Halo/V-RES Outer Module Class 2 GE CT
5114536-10 Scan Disk Array, 73GB Hard Drive Seagate ST373454LC GE CT
5136400-4 VCT 64 Sherlock Detector Module (Class 3) GE CT
6296402-3 Halo/V-RES Outer Module Class 3 GE CT
2164148 Dielectric Oil for GE CT – 1 Quart (Yellowish Fluid) GE CT
5193454 HLE PAR Computer for Highlander GE CT
5240986 VCT Collimator MDrive 23 Motor GE CT
2137958-2 Converter Card with ASIC GE CT
5340738 Upper Gantry Fan for Lightspeed GE CT
5159834-3 VIG With VRAC Improved GE CT
2349697-3 TGPU2 GE CT
2266521-4 Jedi H4 MPHV Tank With Shields GE CT
2228695 P9234YV CAM Assembly Board GE CT
2336781-4 Plug in Module for RW GE CT
5114240-4 VCT Plenum Cover Fan GE CT
5175034 VCT Collimator Control Board (CCB) GE CT
5196401 Halo/V-RES Digital Inner Module, Class One GE CT
2368697-4 Hard Drive 36GB GE CT
5124071 Fan, Tube Axial – 115VAC, 50-60Hz GE CT
2186730 Standard Jedi HV Tank GE CT
5148339 VCT Collimator Filter GE CT
5134959-2 Outer Digital Module, Sherlock VDAS (Class 2) GE CT
5147442 DARC 2 RECON COMPUTER (Jarrell) GE CT
5113710 VCT DIFB GE CT
2124850 Detector Module Assembly for Discovery PET/CT (Module #) GE CT
2237336-2 HV Tank Hemit Jedi 60DC GE CT
2362872 Image Generator Lightspeed GE CT
2137130-2 MX200 Performix 6.3 MHU CT Tube GE CT
5345001 CJ64 Collimator GE CT
2364354 GDAS Convertor (16-Slice)- Thick PWA(Read Notes) GE CT
2212166-8 LVPS TRI GE CT
2334455 5V Power Supply GE CT
2404320 Console Intercom Prescribed-Tilt Hub GE CT
5147443-2 Image Generator Lightspeed GE CT
8 Port Ethernet Switch GE CT
5126617 Analog Power Supply GE CT
2219452-2 High Impedance MRI ECG Lead Wires (E8819RC) GE CT
2349604 HP60 Signal Brushes GE CT
5202201 Single Module FL Saturn GE CT
5167410 Dual Bay Peripheral Tower with Mod and DVDRAM Drives GE CT
2219500-4 Hercules Performix Pro VCT 100 Tube GE CT
2161307 Hemit Anode Transformer Tank (+) GE CT
5114523-2 VCT DARC Ed 2, with VCT DIP 64 GE CT
2281950-4 JH4 Inverter with Shields GE CT
5114533-2 VIG Computer – with updated VRAC GE CT
5129987 Low Channel Thermostat Assembly GE CT
2294322 Linear Actuator GE CT
2318704 16 Slice DCB MDAS GE CT
5136400-3 VCT 64 Sherlock Detector Module (Class 1) GE CT
2258273 8 Slice MDAS Converter Board GE CT
2336374 DLS-SCIM Console Purchased ASM GE CT
2229871 ETC Interface GE CT
2367470-11 RAPTOR Chassis and back-plane assembly GE CT
2334456 12V DC (H16) Power Supply Assembly GE CT
5126615 GDAS Digital Power Supply GE CT
5120819 HP/VCT Slip Ring Brushblock GE CT
5140001-4 Helios 4 Collimator GE CT
2306387 Heat Exchanger Fan GE CT
2275752 CT SCIM (Enter Color) GE CT
2252889-2 Das Duct Left/Right Filter GE CT
5350798 Small Signal Type 1 Brush GE CT
2351986 O2 SKL 128MBx2 RAM GE CT
5147442-2 DARC 2 (Jarrell) 4/8 GE CT


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