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GE CT BrightSpeed 8

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Brief Overview About The GE CT BrightSpeed 8


Gantry (Max. Clearance) 70 cm
Maximum Scan Range 140 cm
Slices 8
Type (configuration) Multislice


GE CT BrightSpeed 8 Parts in Stock


2115996-3 Axial Headholder, All Carbon GE CT
46-264368G3 ETC Helios 2 Board GE CT
2269175 Table Encoder Assembly GE CT
5112470-3 GTCB GE CT
2217930-2 Axial Motor Assembly GE CT
5159834-2 VIG 2 with VRAC 2 GE CT
2302508 Power Brushblock GE CT
46-186462G1 Azimuth Circuit Board GE CT
2320719 Gantry Intercom Board GE CT
2224296-3 VE-GE, 8MB, Artesyn CPU Board (STC Board) GE CT
2275756 Keyboard, North American, PC PS/2 GE CT
2128696 Tube Mounting Plate GE CT
5206402 Colorado Outer Module Class 2 GE CT
5171814 48V 1kW Power Supply GE CT
5255299-100 VDIG1 and VRB1 Assy GE CT
2336517-2 Fuse 25A 700V GE CT
5202019 VCT Plenum Filter Assembly GE CT
2217943 Idler Assembly with MTG Plate for H2 Gantry GE CT
5133731 Tape Switch 2 Postioning GT 165 Millimeters GE CT
2370723-2 CT-IF V4 GE CT
D3199T Maxiray MX240 GE CT
2351489 50 Amp Contactor GE CT
2248943 P9234YS Cam Assembly GE CT
2334458 Gantry MDAS 4/8 and MDAS16 5Volt (VDC) Power Supply GE CT
2235085 128MB DIMM GE CT
5488054 Pancake DAS PS Service Assembly(SEE NOTES!) GE CT
2225004-9 73GB 15000 RPM Scan Data Drive GE CT
IPN-10106935 Nvidia Quadro FX1400 GE CT
2334365 Hercules 2 Fan Heat Exchanger Assembly GE CT
2118209 Terminator Assembly For Slip Ring Communication GE CT
5122208-2 Absolute Encoder For IMS GT GE CT
5149627-2 DCB U10 to Slipring J2 Fiber Optic Cable GE CT
5114536 GOC 5 Disk Array GE CT
5122207-2 Absolute Encoder For Cradle GT GE CT
2330352-5 Power Supply, GDAS Digital EMC ED2 GE CT
VCT Table Left Cover Set GE CT
2362870-2 4/8 Slice MDAS DARC GE CT
5252001-2 DBPCI2 PWA GE CT
2277404 Proximity Sensor GE CT
2245896-2 HSDCD RX With ESD Protection GE CT
2322994-3 MDAS Thick Converter w/ ASIC Black Beauty Connector GE CT
5332530 SC-Fast KV HV Tank GE CT
2339284 PPC MVME2400 Assembly, Hawk 3 GE CT
5142177-03 GTCB2 GE CT
5147442-2 Data Acquisition and Recon Control Computer compatible with 4 and 8 slice MDAS GE CT
2277362-2 Filter/Frame R/L – H3 GE CT
5149627 DCB U9 to Slipring J1 Fiber Optic Cable GE CT
2291847 D-Case w/ AC & DC Harness +5VDC Power Supply GE CT
5123238 Belt 375 UP5M25 Positioning GT GE CT
2349543 MTC Board (MTCB) GE CT
2332631 16 Sl MDAS Center Backplane GE CT
2282000 PCI 4 port serial card GE CT
2218157 DAS 5V DC Digital Power Supply w/ Bracket GE CT
5150070 DHC Assembly GE CT
2404320-3 Console ICOM GE CT
5128180 Console Filter, 25 PPI Quadrafoam UL94 HF-1 GE CT
2208043 HEMRC Assembly (H2 Gantry) GE CT
2121199-9 Large Blower with MTG Bracket and Capacitor Assembly GE CT
2241999 TwinSpeed BLOWER CABINET GE CT
2113411 170V Power Supply Board GE CT
2349603 HP60 Power Brushes GE CT
5263798-3 Console Network Switch GE CT
5142849-4 CT Scan Window Assembly, H2 through HP GE CT
2100671 CT Table Gas Spring GE CT
2225212-3 Power Supply 5VDC Assembly, F-Case, W/O PLT GE CT
E6315JE DIACOR RTP Flat Table Top(Carbon) GE CT
5114122 GTCB To J200 Positioning GE CT
2374550 DST Potentiometer GE CT
46-170042P26 12A 250V Panel-Mount Fuseholder GE CT
2133830 Lytron MCS Chiller GE CT
2281950-3 VCT 64 JH4 Inverter with Shields GE CT
2169940-8 PCI Ethernet card GE CT
46-320144G1 Stealth-X CPU, 32 MB GE CT
5195559-2 Venue 40 Battery GE CT
5164727 CFC Board Housing Assembly GE CT
5125429 VCT Fuse Kit GE CT
2248943-2 P9234ZS CAM Assembly GE CT
2349598 Brush Block Assembly for H-Power GE CT
5123594-3 GDAS Right Backplane GE CT
2357524 H-Power Axial Dynamic Brake Module GE CT
5139591 Right Side Operator Control, Mist Grey GE CT
2197234-2 VME Based Power Circuit Board H1.2 GE CT
46-311427P1 Well Counter Phantom & Holder GE CT
2359761 Home Flag Tab GE CT
5141363 Image Reject #1 J8 to CHSW#1 J19 GE CT
2331963-3 Fuse Box Assembly GE CT
2404444-2 8 Slice DCB Assembly GE CT
110-00678 Dicom Box for Advantx GE CT
46–297805G1 Jumper Plug GE CT
5142966 VCT Heater/Blower- Box Assembly GE CT
2343530 HVAC Power Cable – PDU to Gantry (Long) GE CT
5117866-43 XW8200 AW4.3 Workstation GE CT
46-297059G1 Servo Assembly GE CT
5197802 VCT DAS Power Supply GE CT


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