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Common Questions

Are your parts tested?

All of our parts come system tested and go through a thorough quality inspection process prior to shipment.

Do you offer any warranty with the items?
All of our parts come with a standard 90 day warranty, extended warranties are available upon request for an additional fee.
Can you service our scanner, or replace the parts for us?

Yes, we can service any MRI & CT system. For more information, please send us an email at: Sales@directmedparts.com

Why should we choose you over the OEM?
We can provide OEM like solutions for 1/3 of the cost. Helping you save time and money. We are ISO 13485 certified! We follow strict guidelines like the OEMs to ensure you get the best parts in working condition.
What can you repair?

-Gradient Amplifiers
ACGD, SGA, HFA, SGD, Quantum, Papillion, XL, XXL, Popeye, etc.

-Gradient Power Supplies
Analogic, GE, Techron, Siemens, etc

-RF Amplifiers (Solid state and tube types)
Analogic, Erbtec, Colorado Med Tech, HEI, MKS, Siemens, Tele, etc.

-Support Electronics
SSM, Driver Modules, Pin Drivers, MSHS,
Transmitters, Receivers, Hybrid Splitters, Preamplifiers,, TALES, Body Tune Boxes, CODIBOX, CODIMUX, Coil Interface, etc.

CT Parts and Assemblies, Controls & Inverters

For a full list of repairable parts, please visit: MRI & CT Parts Repairs

Where can I go for technical support?
For more information regarding our technical support, please visit: Technical Support or give us a call anytime at 855-463-3727.