Field Service Engineers – What Exactly Do They Do

by | Oct 16, 2020 | MRI, CT

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Field service is a vital and well-established industry that produces professionals who are trained for every possible scenario. Given the constant innovation and digitization of processes, the field has evolved to meet the demand for new skill sets, experience requirements, and new occupations. 

These experts are well-trained to resolve various field service tasks, such as maintenance, repair, and installation. However, thanks to other fields’ popularity, field service workers are often much older and have difficulty applying new systems and using work tools. Half of field service companies rely on manual labor, dismissing the digitization process altogether. Regardless, the field service sector is essential to many businesses, and their importance continues to endure today.


What is a Field Service Engineer?

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Field service engineers perform similar functions and tasks as field service technicians. Apart from the most common tasks of installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment, they also manage teams, assign tasks, and nurture customer relationships. These engineers travel to various places to perform their mechanical and electrical assignments, like configuring security settings, installing fixtures, and setting up hardware. They are also adept at troubleshooting and demonstrating equipment and their proper use to clients.

Although the roles are relatively similar, field service engineers have more responsibilities in a job assignment. For this reason, many companies demand a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the position, as they may oversee installations and the creation of a workflow for other team members. They may also manage field technicians and assess their work. 


How Do You Become a Field Service Engineer? (+ skills required)

Apart from a bachelor’s degree in the intended engineering field, many field service engineers receive a master’s degree. The additional education allows them to expand career opportunities and position them to earn senior positions. 

Besides education, an expert field engineer must have attention to detail, organizational and mechanical skills, computer software and hardware expertise, and analytical thinking. As they’re deployed to address numerous situations, they must be resourceful to identify problems and solve them.

These skills, coupled with education, are definitely worth the investment. On average, field service engineers make up to 66 thousand dollars a year, but senior positions with a master’s degree can earn up to 90 thousand dollars a year. 


What is a Field Service Engineer’s Career Path? 

There are many ways to pursue a career path as a field engineer. You can undergo training programs, seek apprenticeships, and earn degrees at various institutions. Although you’ll need formal training to qualify for the job, you’ll gain most of your training and experience while working. 

The field options are enormous, allowing you the freedom to specialize according to your preference. You can focus on utilities, programming, pest control, plumbing, and many others. Being a field service engineer is also somewhat flexible, as there are no rules on your schedule. You can opt to have a standard 9-to-5 or assign specific days to travel for an assignment if you are self-employed.

If you work in a technology-based company, you’ll probably require further education. Given the breakneck pace of technological advancement, products are continually evolving, so you’ll need to stay updated on any changes made. Fortunately, many companies are willing to pay for your education and invest in you. 




The field service is a vast field with endless possibilities. Engineers are capable of numerous tasks thanks to their extensive training and schooling, and they are well-equipped to resolve almost any problem. They are also incredibly resilient, as they have been trained to diagnose issues under challenging conditions. Whether you’re curious about becoming a field service engineer or simply want to know more about what they do, these skilled professionals are essential to modern-day society. 

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