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Brief Overview: Siemens MRI Espree

The Magnetom Espree 1.5T is an open bore MRI system that allows a new level of comfort for patients. Physicians are able to perform exams with their patient’s head completely outside of the magnet due to its short bore, benefiting claustrophobic patients. The Siemens Espree has an opening of almost 2.3 feet in diameter that provides a full foot of space over the patient’s head.

This system comes equipped with the shortest 1.5 Tesla magnet that is available. It comes equipped with the Tim Technology (Total Imaging Matrix) that delivers high quality imaging and reduced exam times. The Siemens Espree can also perform advanced clinical applications. Tim Technology allows whole body scans that can be performed in one single pass. It also enables flexible coil combinations to encompass local high resolution imaging to large anatomical coverage.


Specifications & Features


Features & Specs: Clinical Applications:
• 2.3ft Extra Wide Bore For Larger Patients • syngo SWI
• Up To 500 lbs Vertical & Horizontal Table Limit • syngo REVEAL
• 3x More Power Vs Conventional Open MRI Systems • syngo BEAT
• Field of View: Up to 205 cm • syngo GRAPPA
• Space Required: 323 sq/ft for Install • syngo SPACE
• Tim Application Suite


Built Around Patient Comfort: Care For A Wider Range Of Patients:
• 70 cm Open Bore • Obese population (up to 250 kg or 550 lbs)
• 30 cm of face space • Claustrophobic patients
• Head-out exams • Pediatric1 and elderly patients
• Comfortable positioning of the joints
• ICU patients or those dependent upon medical equipment
(e.g. wrist, elbow) next to the body


Accomodate Special Needs & Condition Patients: Grow Clinical Opportunities:
• Pain and mobility issues • Easy access in interventional MRI
• Respiratory problems • Opportunities to perform more kinematic studies
• Kyphosis

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