Evaluating Your MRI Scanner’s Integrity

by | Oct 26, 2020 | MRI

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Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most cutting-edge developments in medical technology. Diagnosing patients internally will not be possible without technologies like these, and are undoubtedly why the field of healthcare has advanced this far. MRI imaging continues to be a standard piece of equipment in any hospital setting, and has plenty of benefits and allows for easier understanding of patients by professionals. 

However, like many technology pieces, plenty of things can go wrong with MRI machines down the line. They are human-made and will still go through wear and tear, which can be damaging to the overall perceived image. When an image is not up to spec, this is when misdiagnoses happen and require repairs. 


Evaluating MRI Scanners 

As medical imaging tech evolves, this proposes the question for hospitals and clinics on whether it is time to chuck the old one out. Many new MRI products have increased accuracy and specific features, which offer more efficiency to medical facilities. However, it is important to note that MRI parts are swappable and can be replaced with newer ones to boost imaging quality. 

The general rule of thumb with MRI scanners is that they last for a good eleven years before needing to be replaced with the latest ones. Medical technology is a field that has billions of dollars invested in each year, and each year has better products and pharmaceuticals available for use. 

Thinking about your MRI as a valuable asset to your hospital or clinic is essential, as the healthcare industry operates based on extreme accuracy. Doctors rarely make blind guesses about how to treat patients, as misdiagnoses of health ailments can be fatal. 


Benefits of Replacement MRI Parts

If your scanner has still not surpassed the 11-year mark and it seems to be faltering in terms of image quality, this might be prime time for parts checking. These machines are expensive, and tossing one out is not always the best way to go. DirectMed Parts holds a variety of MRI parts for various brands, and each will have its own unique installation and optimization. 

Things like an electronic MRI coil repair job may be needed down the line to continue offering good services. Parts are typically readily available and can make a massive difference in the entire sphere of imaging and performance. To save lives, all kinds of medical technologies have to be accurate to the dot and working correctly. 

Fatalities due to patients’ improper diagnoses can damage a hospital’s reputation, and human lives depend on these establishments to get better and stay healthy. A sound working system of scanners, surgical tools, and other medical technologies improves the hospital’s environment and boosts overall productivity. This is why investing in the best machines is a critical element in a hospital’s success rate. 


Improvements In Medical Technologies 

Future endeavors always come with the assurance that technologies will evolve. The dependence of the human race on this field means companies will strive to provide the best for the people. While medical tech is not too affordable today, the coming months or years might prove otherwise. These machines that will be used to diagnose patients have limitless potential in terms of the improvements that can be made. With billions of dollars invested in the industry, there is so much in store for the future of healthcare. 



MRI parts are a great way to preserve an old machine that has not passed its life expectancy. With even modern-day technology being subject to wear-and-tear, replacements and repairs are expected with anything manmade. Keeping an MRI machine at its peak performance capacity will always yield the best results for patients and attending physicians. 

DirectMed Parts is the premium source of MRI and CT Scan replacement parts in the USA. We carry a wide range of parts for various brands, putting your machine in good hands with us. Contact us to learn more about what components you may need for your MRI or CT scanners. 


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