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CT Scanners – The Cost and Benefits of Different Options PT. 2

May 6, 2021 | Articles, CT

CT scanners are one of the most important equipment medical facilities need to carry. This is because CT scanners provide healthcare professionals with high-resolution images at a high-speed rate that will help them diagnose patients accurately and efficiently. 

Because these machines have many features and purposes, they can be relatively large and hefty in the pocket. And since they can be pretty expensive, it’s best to understand the complexities of these machines and make careful considerations with the different types of CT scanners in the market today. 

In some cases, some medical establishments already have a CT scanner that only needs some repairs. But since some CT parts can be quite pricey, too, it’s best to buy high-quality parts from a reliable source, such as DirectMed Parts. Trust us — you’ll want to invest in solid parts instead of having to spend more on repairs and potentially putting your parents and staff at risk. 

In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know when buying CT scanners — the things you need to consider and why it’s so expensive. Let’s take a look!


Factors to Consider When Choosing a CT Scanner

Not all CT scanners in the market are the same. And for this reason, you need to have a solid checklist that will help you find the perfect CT scanner for your medical establishment. Besides knowing what your facility needs, here are some significant factors you need to consider:


  • Image Quality: When your CT scanner can capture high-quality images, your medical team will have a much easier time diagnosing issues. When your staff has difficulty diagnosing a patient, it may affect the treatment and care they receive. So, factors like quality, number of slices, area coverage, and spatial resolution are important factors to consider.
  • Number of Patients: If you’re dealing with a high patient volume in your facility, it’s a good idea to opt for a CT scanner with a wide area detector. When you have a wide area detector, your staff can perform CT scans much faster and efficiently. 
  • Cardiac Imaging: In some cases, you need your CT scanner to perform cardiac scans. With that being said, a 64-slice system with a wide detector is essential to capture high-resolution images without compromising the workflow.
  • Patient Safety: You want to ensure that you’re buying a CT scanner made of quality material. Fortunately, some CT scanners have smaller doses of mSv, making capturing photos possible with efficient detectors. 
  • Budget: As mentioned earlier, CT scanners are quite expensive. But before investing your money into a scanner, make sure that it fits all the requirements you need and that it will improve your facility’s workflow. If you need to replace only a few parts, ensure that you get CT parts and coils from a reliable source, like DirectMed Parts.


Why Are CT Scanners Expensive?

The best CT scanners in the market are using high-tech equipment, parts, and software to guarantee efficient and accurate results. Because of this, it comes with no surprise that these machines are incredibly expensive. 

Besides that, CT scanners require immense energy to operate; that’s why factoring energy consumption in your budget is vital to ensure that you can manage to operate your scanner without any worries. 


The Bottom Line: CT Scanners Are a Huge Investment, so It’s Best to Buy from a Reputable Manufacturer

We said it before, and we’ll say it again — CT scanners are a huge investment. And with that being said, you must weigh in the different factors and considerations before purchasing a CT scanner. 

Whether or not you’re buying a new machine or replacing some parts, it’s always a good idea that you buy from a reliable source, like DirectMed Parts. This way, you can rest well knowing you’ve invested your money on the right machine and your CT scanner is running with high-quality parts. 


Why Choose DirectMed Parts?

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