CT Scanners – Can They Provide Value to Your Medical Practice

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Developed in the 1970s, CT scanners have gone through various changes and developments to be what they are today. And with all these advancements, they have become the imaging exam of choice in the healthcare industry. 

Computerized Axial Tomography, CAT scans, or CT scans are produced using a 360-degree X-ray beam and computerized image production. The machine uses image slices to recreate a patient’s tomographic plane, resulting in images used for diagnostic purposes. 

Since CT scanners produce sharp and focused three-dimensional images, these scanners are best used to distinguish various conditions in tissues compared to a standard X-ray machine.  Some examples of its application is to detect a myriad of diseases and abnormalities, including trauma, infection, cancer, calcium scoring, pneumonia, bone fracture, and more. 

That’s why it’s important to source CT scanners from credible manufacturers like DirectMed Parts to ensure the effectiveness, reliability, and functionality of your imaging lab. But the real question is this: does having a CT scanner help boost the value of your medical practice? Let’s find out!


Sinus Studies

The great thing about CT scanners is that they are highly sensitive machines that help identify areas of chronic sinus infections. Because of this, letting your patient go through a CT scan can help your medical staff and surgeons plan endoscopic sinus surgeries. 

With its functions, CT scanners can show details of sinusitis and even show tiny fractures in different locations in the sinus and nasal bones. And finally, it can also help you examine trauma or disease found in the sphenoid bone. 


Brain Studies

Because of its high-quality and sensitive functions, CT scans do a great job at detecting numerous tumors, strokes, and lesions in the brain, including hematomas, a collection of blood that emerged from the vessels.

Additionally, CT scans can help identify congenital abnormalities in children, such as hydrocephalus, allowing medical professionals to adequately diagnose and treat patients.

CT brain scans can detect different types of tumors, strokes, and other lesions in the brain area, such as hematomas (collections of blood that have escaped from the vessels). Congenital abnormalities in children, such as hydrocephalus, may also be confirmed with a CT.


Body Scans

A CT body scan will scan through a patient’s body from the chin to below their hips, providing accurate images of the body, which allow you to locate and identify abnormal body structures, like cysts, tumors, and alike. With that, CT scans are often used to examine and observe abdominal organs, including the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas, lymph nodes, and more. 


Aorta and Chest Scans

Another great function that CT scans can do that provides value to your medical practice is performing aorta and chest scans. This way, you can concentrate on thoracic or abdominal sections of the aorta and identify aneurysms and other diseases. Besides having better visuals of the aorta, CT scans can also provide chest scans that can help you identify respiratory and cardiovascular issues and diseases. 


The Bottom Line: Having a CT Scanner Can Definitely Provide Value to Your Medical Practice

The list above contains only a few of the ways CT scans provide value to your practice. With that being said, if you’re considering installing a CT scanner in your establishment, ensure that you’re getting high-quality equipment and parts from a credible manufacturer, such as DirectMed Parts.


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