CT in Breast Imaging – Can They Provide Accurate Diagnoses?

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Your CT scanner has many capabilities. However, if you do not already offer breast imaging services, you may not know that this machine may also come in handy in breast cancer detection. Modern CT machines have the capability to detect breast lesions that may be suspicious, and these machines may come in handy for women who are looking for an accurate diagnosis if these lesions are malignant.

The golden question is if CT scans can play a role in actively being used in the diagnosis of breast problems. While mammography is the go-to procedure for breast examinations, as the owner of a diagnostics center, you may benefit from using your CT scanning machines when there is an unusually long line for your mammography machines. 


CT in Breast Imaging: Can They Provide Accurate Diagnoses?

When a patient undergoes a CT scan, it will provide their physicians and other medical practitioners an insider’s view on the body. CT scans are great at finding any deviations from what is considered to be normal.

When breast lesions that are abnormal come out on CT scans, these are purely incidental. At the moment, CT scans are not yet able to provide all the necessary information needed by doctors when it comes to being able to properly diagnose issues within the breast. However, one advantage it presents is that it may be useful in the evaluation of suspicious changes in the dense tissue of the breast.


How CT Scans Can Be Helpful for Patients with Breast Problems

Since CT scans will be able to help detect any unusual changes in the dense breast tissues, these scans may help initially detect a problem in the breast. Should the findings show that there may be a need for further examination for a potential breast problem that was detected, the physician may order more tests to be done to get a better view of the detected anomaly. 


CT Scans for Advanced Breast Cancer

At the time of this writing, CT scans are not traditionally used to diagnose issues of the breast. This is especially true for breast cancer in its early stages. The changes caused by cancer may not be evident in the findings of a CT scan. However, if cancer has progressed, or if it was discovered in its more advanced stages, doctors may use a CT scan to monitor the growth of the carcinoma. They may be able to use the imaging results to check if the cancer cells had spread to other parts of the body. This will help give them an accurate idea of how to treat their patient moving forward.



Because of all of these conveniences and other advantages that breast CT scans can offer, they may soon be accepted as the better way to diagnose and detect anomalies and problems in the breast. Although research for breast CT is still in its early stages, there is much promise when it comes to using this type of imaging technology for the diagnosis of breast issues. 

CT machines are extremely accurate machines that need to be maintained to make sure they are up and running. Having a parts and maintenance provider will help you ensure that you can make the most out of your imaging machines.

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