COVID and the Brain – Imaging Shows COVID’s Effects on the Brain

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Industry

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The COVID-19 virus is far from taking its last form. With new variants constantly developing and the number of cases still rising in other countries, many researchers are wondering about the possible effects the virus has on our brains. 

Because of this, many research facilities are utilizing diagnostic imaging to understand the virus’s effects on our body’s central nervous system. This is why healthcare and research facilities must use certified, high-quality imaging equipment from DirectMed Parts for successful readings and results. 

It is already known that COVID-19 affects the lungs, making it difficult for the patient to breathe. Conversely, it also affects other parts of the body such as the heart and kidneys. Based on several radiology studies utilizing computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), COVID-19 does, in fact, have some effects on the brain as well.


Viral Infections and The Brain

Medical professionals have known for years that viral infections can have systemic effects on our bodies’ multiple organs and systems, even if they are pretty far from the source of infection. 

Recent studies have discovered that the coronavirus has systemic effects causing various neurological problems, such as difficulty concentrating, dizziness, loss of smell and taste, strokes, seizures, and general weakness. 

As a matter of fact, about half of COVID-19 patients experience these neurological symptoms. 


COVID-19 Systemic Effects and Neurological Problems

Based on recent studies, COVID-19 can damage the brain’s white matter. This tissue helps send messages throughout the brain’s grey matter, which can even cause some bleeding and lesions. To detect this, medical professionals use MRI to find bleeding and other damages in the area. 

Besides bleeding and lesions, the coronavirus’s proteins and genetic material can also be found in the spine and brain, invading the nervous system causing neurological damage. 

Here are other problems that COVID-19 does to the brain:

  • Encephalopathy: This is a general term used to refer to brain disease which alters the structure and function of the brain;
  • Critical Illness Myopathy: A muscle disease that develops in intensive care unit or ICU patients due to receiving steroids and neuromuscular drugs;
  • Neuropathy: This refers to the damage or weakness to the nerves in the patient’s body, leading to numbness, muscle weakness, tingling, and pain in various areas.

Because of the numerous effects COVID-19 can have on our nervous system, diagnostic imaging can help identify damages and bleedings before it escalates and develop into more destructive issues. This is why it’s essential to use high-quality CT and MRI parts to ensure that readings and diagnosis are accurate and reliable. 


Detecting COVID-19 Neurological Damage Using CT and MRI Imaging

Nowadays, medical professionals use imaging tests to identify neurological problems COVID-19 patients are dealing with, such as blood clots or leaks in the brain tissue. Without checking for damage, the patients may suffer from mild to fatal strokes. 

Since the coronavirus affects the nervous system and could cause strong immune responses that could affect the brain, medical professionals use MRI and CT imaging to evaluate patients’ neurological symptoms, helping doctors with decision-making for critical patients. 


The Bottom Line: COVID-19 Can Also Affect The Brain; That’s Why CT And MRI Imaging Are Important Tools For Diagnosis

More and more research is being released about the coronavirus’s effects on our nervous system and the severity of these problems. Because of this, your medical facility must have the right tools and imaging equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and examinations. 

Ideally, you want to purchase CT and MRI parts from reliable suppliers like DirectMed Parts to avoid any complications with your equipment. 


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