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Should You Become an MRI Technologist? Things to Know

Should You Become an MRI Technologist? Things to Know

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI technologists use a scanner to take pictures of the internal body using radio waves, which a machine transfers into three-dimensional images. These 3D renderings of a person’s internal organs help doctors diagnose a condition....

What are MRI Imaging Phantoms and What Are They For

When you see the word “phantom,” it is often in a negative context. People associate this word with ghosts, fake bank accounts, or even mental health issues. However, phantoms are useful in science, particularly in biomedical research. Medical imaging...

3T Vs 1.5T MRI Machines

MRIs come in a range of different variants that all serve different purposes. Patients might not know that they are being scanned by varying degrees of strength, depending on what is used. These typically come in the form of what is called the 3T MRI and the 1.5T...

What Does Tesla Mean for MRI

MRI parts and technology are teeming with jargon. From coils to collimators, “tesla” is another word the average MRI technician needs to define. No, it doesn’t pertain to the renowned electric vehicle.  Instead, tesla describes the magnitude (B) of an MRI field at a...