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Buying Used GE CT Scanners – Our Guide

Apr 7, 2021 | Tech Tips, CT

GE CT scanners are some of the best scanners available in the market today. There is a very high demand for GE equipment worldwide because they manufacture high-quality products with lower service costs. Their CT units generally last much longer, and the cost of GE CT parts is much less expensive than any other manufacturer.

It can be challenging to find GE CT scanners in the used equipment market, so if you find one listed, it will do you well to pick it up immediately.


Used GE CT Scanner Models

GE 4-slice CT scanners are high-performance, low-cost scanners that are popular with diagnostic imaging centers and veterinary clinics. Common scanner models include QX/i ($99,000) and LightSpeed Plus ($129,000). The two types of 4-slice scanners are:

Octane – This console has a reconstruction time of 2.5 seconds per image. It can hold 20,000 images at once.

Xtreme – This is a much more common console, capable of reconstructing ten images per second, which is basically real-time. It holds 250,000 images.

Other common GE CT scanner models include:

Single slice scanners: CT/i, LX/i, DX/I, FX/i, ZX/i

Dual slice scanners: NX/i

8 slice scanners: Ultra 8

16 slice scanners: LightSpeed Pro, LightSpeed 16-slice

64 slice scanner: VCT 64-slice

When a GE CT scanner is sold as used, it is de-installed from its previous location, transported, and then installed in your medical facility. Third-party services maintain all CT scanner systems, so buying a used scanner is a fantastic option if you don’t have the budget to buy a new one.


Refurbished CT Scanners

CT scanners can also be refurbished mechanically or cosmetically. Refurbished units are a little more expensive than used, but you are assured of a much longer life expectancy.

Refurbishing CT scanners involves a thorough inspection of the unit, parts replacement, and quality analysis testing to meet OEM specifications. A splash of new paint, fiberglass replacement, and minor aesthetic work can make a unit look and feel brand new.

Complete refurbishment requires inspections to be done by the manufacturer or an ISO-certified service to determine if the hardware can be upgraded. This will give you the peace of mind you need after purchasing a unit that has been previously used.


Best Practices For Buying A Used CT Scanner

Shopping in any used market can be complicated, especially when you are looking to purchase costly medical equipment with so many moving parts. You need to juggle so many details, and you may need to make some compromises along the way.

Keep your patient volume in mind. How many scans will you be performing a day? This will help you nail down your budget.

What slice count do you need? Does your facility specialize in certain types of diagnostic procedures that require specific slice counts?

What type of software do you need? For example, additional software for cardiac scans can be very expensive. You need a high volume of patients to get a good return on your investment. If you only need certain types of software every other week or so, you may have to think of alternatives.

What type of service do you need? Full-service coverage for a used CT scanner can be expensive, but you are assured of assistance whenever you need it.



GE CT scanners are highly valuable machines that can be difficult to find in the used market. Their high-end models are worth buying even used, especially if the manufacturer or service providers have diligently maintained them. Before purchasing a unit, plan your budget, timeline, and logistics. Arm yourself with valuable knowledge before diving into the used market.

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