An Overview of Why It Pays to Maintain Your MRI Coils

by | Oct 26, 2020 | MRI

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Among the different medical technologies that play a pivotal role in helping establishments provide quality care, MRI technology continues to set itself apart, unlike ever before.  With its ability to provide an excellent level of soft-tissue delineation across specialties in a medical facility, it’s clear that the diagnostic imaging industry has seen its best feat of technology yet.

Whether you’re running a small clinic catering to an isolated locale or a metropolitan health center, you may be heavily reliant on MRI scans to deliver quality care. 

Given the current buzz over this piece of technology, it’s safe to say that the bar for accurate and detailed images for thorough imaging and analysis is higher than ever. However, as all the attention is shifted towards the power of MRI technology in intricate imaging for diagnostics, a critical fact that most professionals forget is that images are only as good as the coils that make them. 


The importance of caring for MRI coils

 Proper maintenance of your coils increases uptime and saves money. At the same time these are ware items, and we can help when its time to replace or repair your system.

MRI Technologist overlooking patient

Today, the presence of well-maintained and high-functioning MRI coils is behind the picture of every successful and life-saving diagnosis and treatment plan that followed after.  Considering that accurate imaging can make the difference between life and death and significantly impact a patient’s long-term health, it has become vital for image providers to care for their coils.

Suppose your establishment has been receiving an influx of inquiries for constant imaging to help you deliver more accurate diagnoses. In that case, it’s safe to say that proper care should be on your list!

If you happen to drop or damage your coil in any way, we provide MRI coil repair services for all types of MRI coils.


What makes working with today’s coils so unique?

mri coil repairs electrical


Generally, today’s MRI systems are far more advanced and different from their predecessors because they are designed with more resonating elements in ergonomic housings. Through an ergonomic design and set-up, manufacturers have made it possible for today’s technology to deliver accurate diagnostic imaging in an efficient manner.

However, the problem with such a change is that it has also made it much more challenging to service the coils because of the ergonomic housing complications.

Considering the increased difficulty of maintaining MRI coils, today’s healthcare establishments are more obligated to exert the utmost diligence for proper maintenance. Such a development can be considered pivotal in their appropriate equipment care as industry leaders themselves believe that the bar for coil service is much higher. 


The factors that need to be addressed when maximizing MRI coils and systems


From a thorough perspective, healthcare establishments looking to maintain the impeccable level of soft tissue delineation through their MRI systems must address a few specific areas:

  • The responsibility of handling common problems with coil replacement and care (such as broken system cables and difficulties in administering regular care)
  • The full understanding of when it is best to repair a set of MRI coils and when it is time to replace them
  • The ability to adapt to the increasing complication and sophistication of medical imaging systems and their associated parts (and the critical details that need to be considered) 

Although such tasks and responsibilities may bear an overwhelming load for any medical establishment with too many concerns on its plate, there is no need to take all scheduled tasks upon oneself.

Suppose you want to ensure that your MRI coils are adequately cared for to deliver quality results continuously. In that case, it is best to have DirectMed Parts’ professionals lend a helping hand as they provide top-quality services!

Conclusionkevin testing mri coil after repair


When it comes to ensuring that an MRI scanner delivers an accurate and useful diagnosis for delivering soft-tissue delineation, nothing works better than coil maintenance.

By keeping this guide in mind, you can stay on your toes and make all the right decisions on time to ensure that your machines remain in optimal shape!

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