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by | Jan 4, 2021 | MRI

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The design of MRI array coils has evolved over the last years, with each iteration focused on delivering improved performance and a better user experience. However, some people aren’t sure what exactly phased-array MRI coil technology does and the role it plays in the overall system. Also known as just array, it’s an MRI coil that receives radio frequency signals in MRI, allowing it to stitch parallel images into one.

Phased array MRI coils use the collection of many surface coils, creating a larger array. These coils for MRI of each part of the body, such as the head, neck, shoulder, and torso, have a receiver for each channel. Available for both closed and open MRI systems, you can choose a channel system ranging from 4 to 128, thereby growing the number of receiver channels over regular MRI coils.


Why Do People Use Phased-Array MRI Coils? 

MRI scans are often quite lengthy, taking around 60 minutes to complete. This is especially true for sophisticated scans. However, multiple channels allow scans to perform at a much faster rate, finishing a typically hour-long scan in fifteen minutes, providing a better patient experience. If a patient has to undergo multiple MRIs, they’ll have to stay still and hold their breath for a long time, making them feel anxious and stressed. By using phased array MRI coils, the scan can be completed four to sixteen times faster, accelerating the entire process. 


How Are Phased Array MRI Coils Better Than Traditional Coils?

Phased array MRI coils are more beneficial than traditional coils because their multi-channels increase the signal. More signal means less noise, resulting in better scan quality. Although facilities can use a 3T MRI system to boost the signal, others can economize by purchasing multi-channel coils and outfit their 1.5T scanners with them. Hospitals or medical centers with smaller budgets can use this method to make their patients feel more comfortable, decrease the scan duration, and enjoy improved scans. 


Who Benefits from Phased-Array MRI Coils?

The goal of every medical facility is to provide an optimal patient experience, especially during medical imaging scans. Many patients feel anxious during these processes because they must lie still and control their breathing for up to an hour. As the receiver channels in phased-array MRI coils are imaging all at once, it scans a more extensive portion of the body in each pass. As a result, it cuts down on scan time while vastly improving the patient’s experience, mainly when performing scans on the spine or vascular studies on the legs.

Phased array MRI coils are an excellent way to get more out of your MRI system without having to invest in an entirely new one. By using multi-channel coils, you might be able to use MRI instead of CT scanners in some situations, cutting back on the high-radiation found in the latter system.



These MRI parts can help medical facilities reduce scan time, which will improve overall efficiency. It presents incredible benefits for those who are hoping to enhance their existing MRI systems without wanting to invest in a new system. With all the advantages of phased array MRI coils, they’re definitely something you may want to consider for your facility.

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