A Guide to Purchasing PET CT Scanners

by | Nov 16, 2020 | CT

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Today, diagnostic imaging technology holds a position of desirability and essentiality in American healthcare establishments because of its difference in the quality of care provided to patients. 

Coming a long way from the primitive days of radiology, today’s pieces of equipment have significantly elevated the level of care that clinics, practices, and hospitals have been able to administer. Whether it’s over a minor fracture that needs to be sorted out or abnormal growths that may bear signs of chronic conditions, there’s no doubt that medical imaging has made a difference in applicable situations. 

Among the different machines and pieces of technology that are far more relevant today, the PET/CT Scanner holds a certain distinction above all else.

Unlike its predecessors, the PET/CT scanner holds a range of benefits and features that allow it to perform various functions to help medical practitioners diagnose and treat conditions accurately and efficiently. However, this same uniqueness also extends to the difficulty of picking out the best product or machine for your needs, which is a reality that will present itself even more as you search the market.


How do these scanners work?

PET/CT scanners are pieces of medical imaging technology that can be broken up into two unique or specific functions along the way.

In terms of the CT scanner component, the main function it seeks to fulfill is to generate and deliver the reconstruction and registration of highly-detailed PET images that can be used to precisely treat certain conditions. Alternatively, physicians can gather more detailed information about a patient’s cellular function with precise anatomical locations based on the components mentioned above on the PET side of things.

These scanners seek to combine the functionality of both PET and intricate CT scans by overlaying them both. By doing this, the machines can accurately localize where the area of the disease may be so that a refined treatment plan with higher effectiveness and minimal errors can be carried out.


A few factors to consider when acquiring a PET/CT scanner

When finding the best PET/CT scanner for your practice or hospital’s needs, it’s best to understand the fact that it pays to check multiple times and purchase once because of this investment’s cost. Although many have their unique methods and considerations when it comes to picking the ideal option to work with, finding the best piece of equipment that’s appropriate for your needs boils down to two factors: 

  1. The daily average number of patients that you’ll meet
  2. Your desired scan time for your PET/CT machine

If you realize that it’s time to purchase the scanner in question for your establishment’s needs, here are the two main factors that you’ll need to consider before arriving at a final decision:


1. Your patient traffic situation

Considering that PET scans add a significant amount of time to the average CT scan procedure, it is critical to first determine how many patients will be coming to you in need of this level of advanced imaging. 

Often, PET/CT scans alone are best for smaller practices with significantly lesser patient traffic volumes because of the extended amount of time they take. If you’re running an establishment with a higher volume of patients in need of precise scans, it would be best to pair your new scanner with an additional CT scanner to manage potential overflows!

2. Scan times

Another significant consideration to make when choosing a specific PET/CT scanner is the time in which it takes to create its scan. Considering that CTs themselves take five minutes to generate a scan and PETs take 15 to 30 minutes to generate their imaging, you’re looking at anywhere between 15 to 30 additional minutes!



Among the different tools that your healthcare establishment can use to deliver quality treatment experiences, PET/CT scanners bear the biggest potential for improving your operations and patient servicing. Through this guide’s help, you can easily determine what specific model best suits your establishment’s needs, patient traffic volume, and scan time standards to make the most informed decision possible in no time!

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