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A Guide to Available System Upgrades for the GE 1.5T MRI Scanner

Apr 1, 2021 | Tech Tips, MRI, GE

Ever since it was introduced a few years ago to the healthcare industry, the GE 1.5T MRI has established itself as a stalwart of the medical imaging technology field thanks to its workhorse abilities and trusted performance.

Amid the different technologies that have been developed to further the field of diagnostic imaging work, this MRI machine has built a reputation that precedes itself. Responsible for saving millions of lives and improving the recoveries and treatments of millions more during its heyday, there’s no denying that the GE 1.5T MRI is a legend in itself.

However, this feat of medical technology is no stranger to its limitations, which is why medical facilities must take it upon themselves to maintain and upgrade the system as needed.


The Potential of Systems Upgrades

Rather than opt for a replacement and spend a large sum of money that can set a clinic, hospital, or urgent care center’s budget back by a few months or years, upgrading provides the opportunity to achieve more with less. By keeping the current magnet and upgrading the electronics and software of the machine, medical facilities avoid replacing the machine entirely.

Although it may not seem like such a momentous or difference-making effort at first, opting for a system upgrade over a complete replacement offers an opportunity to future-proof equipment at a minimal cost. When you take a look at how these upgraded 1.5T MRI scanners perform, you’ll quickly realize that they excel in an assortment of ways—such as: 

  • Faster imaging (without sacrificing accuracy and detail)
  • Shorter scan times
  • Increased versatility in terms of MRI equipment usage.


System Upgrade Options Worth Considering

If you want to make the most out of your GE 1.5T MRI scanner without running into the need for a complete equipment replacement, then it’s best to move on from your 9X LX CXK4 system and upgrade. Let’s look at some of the various system options that you can consider:


First-Tier: 12X HD CXK4 Systems

As the new and improved version of the critically-acclaimed baseline 12X HD system, CXK4 systems offer a new set of advancements that are expected to take a 1.5T MRI scanner to the next level. With these upgrades, you can expect faster scans, shorter scan times, more accurate and confident diagnoses, and better workflow experiences all thanks to various advancements, such as:

  • ASSET—an advanced software option that becomes available at this level and enables the full benefits of 8-channel coils
  • Additional advanced software options for vascular and neurological studies
  • SWI accessibility
  • DTI (diffusion tensor imaging)
  • LAVA
  • Tractography for brain fibers.


Second-Tier: 15X & 16X HD CXK4 Systems

If your biggest priority is a cutting-edge system and you have a more flexible budget, then the 15X and 16X HD CXK4 systems are well worth considering.

Through the use of these upgrades, healthcare establishments will be able to step further into the modern MRI tech tier, resulting in a complete step up from a 12X HD CXK4 system. At this upgraded level, you can expect to enjoy even more speed and high-resolution options. These are coupled with additional system upgrades and functions like: 

  • Improved, user-friendly software interfaces
  • 3D FRFSE 
  • The ability to use 16-channel and 32-channel coils to cut down on scan times and increase image quality resolution.



While some may call it a feat of sustainability and others may regard it as one of practicality, the opportunity to upgrade the system of a 1.5T MRI scanner is one that bears a host of benefits worth looking into. If you want to improve your healthcare establishment’s ability to achieve the best results with its diagnostic imaging work, take this as a sign to start getting your system upgrades underway ASAP! 

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