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7 Exclusions in MRI Service Contracts That You Should Know

Jun 3, 2021 | Articles, MRI

Reliable servicing interventions are the solution if you encounter unexpected downtime in your medical imaging facility. You need a service contract to acquire comprehensive coverage and cost-efficient turn-ups for your MRI machines. Unfortunately, not all warranties are the same. 

They have exclusions to prevent losing money on costly repairs, primarily those outside their servicing capacity. Consider the following common limitations in these types of agreements to manage your high-end equipment effectively:

  • Cryogens 

Most MRI machines are built to boil off helium, so plenty of contracts exclude this coverage. It is because the global supply for helium refills is diminishing, and prices are rising. Commonly, there is only a limited amount promised for servicing, which is worth noting to offset some of the charges by adding more when necessary. Consult with OEM technicians for further recommendations. 

  • Chillers

Chillers are HVAC systems, which means they are technically not medical imaging equipment. Service contracts vary on covering these components, so expect additional costs if included in the coverage. On the other hand, you can approach your trusted HVAC company and ask them if they can maintain chillers.

  • Unexplained quenches

A quench takes place when the temperature is raised, and there is a sudden loss of superconductivity. If your MRI machine quenches, your service company will help you get it fixed as fast as possible, and the engineer will perform an investigation to figure out what happened.

MRI machines can spontaneously quench. If it happens with no discernible equipment failure, and its cause is unknown, most service contracts will not cover it. 

  • Natural disasters

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and more can happen anytime, and they can hit your imaging facility. Because these are totally out of your service provider’s control, damage caused by natural disasters is not covered. Turn to your insurance provider instead for protection in such scenarios.

  • Applications support

New systems usually come with basic application training. But if you have new members who joined your team after the machine installation and may have never worked on that particular system, additional application training is not covered. 

  • Software or manuals

Operating software and manuals cannot be distributed by third-party companies. If software and manuals were not provided or misplaced, consider reaching out to the OEM for support in getting these important documents. These usually come with a fee.

  • Environmental failures

Many medical imaging companies don’t cover environmental failures. This can happen if some of the components in the MRI machine get damaged if your room gets too warm. Most service contracts exclude this since your HVAC company controls the temperature. Ensure your facility has the necessary conditions and preventive measures to prevent these issues. 



Running an imaging department means being reliant on the images produced by your MRI machine. Therefore, one of the last things you want is to discover that your machine is down, as it will result in lost revenue and costly repairs. 

A service contract can keep your MRI machine operating and help you reduce unexpected downtime. Just remember the exclusions listed in this article and read your contract thoroughly to understand its inclusions. 

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