5 Things to Consider in an MRI System for Your Facility

by | Aug 11, 2021 | MRI

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5 Things to Consider in an MRI System for Your Facility

Technology has revolutionized a lot of widely-used machines over the years. That includes machines used in food processing to clothing, to medicine. 

When it comes to today’s MRIs, the most well-known are high-field MRI systems that provide stronger magnetic fields and higher quality images than their predecessors. However, while this advanced MRI system offers numerous advantages and is widely used, it is not always suitable for all facilities.

Before you choose an MRI system for your facility and opt for the most advanced and has the highest possible field strength, there are things you need to consider. First, avoid overspending on features and capabilities that you don’t need for your facility. Still, a system that uses a high level of technology is more advantageous.

With that said, a clear understanding of MRI systems and what they can do can help you choose the right one. Make the right purchase by considering five things that are common with high-field MRI systems:

  • High-Resolution Images

High-field MRI systems can produce detailed images of smaller areas in a body, including the brain. Since it provides stronger signals, it makes more precise and more detailed scans, creating a more accurate diagnosis. 

Using high-resolution images also means that the patient no longer needs to get a second scan to verify the diagnosis. While high-field MRI systems can produce detailed general MR imaging, such as musculoskeletal scans, they can also be used in specialty scans like cardiology and neurology. 

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

High-field MRI systems offer more advanced features than low-field MRI systems, so the former is better for having cutting-edge technology. Aside from producing high-resolution images, high-field MRI systems also reduce the effect of motion on the scan quality. 

  • Short Scan Time

High-field MRI systems can complete a scan twice faster than their low-field machine counterpart. A quicker scan time also means that facilities catering to numerous patients a day can accommodate the load. It also helps more people get faster diagnoses, hence speedier medication. In addition, a shorter scan time also reduces the time a patient spends waiting for their turn, improving comfort. 

  • Hassle-Free Accreditation 

Insurers require MRI facilities to receive an MRI accreditation before honoring their right for reimbursement. That means that MRI facilities will need to submit images that will be judged for their quality in the accreditation process.

With that said, a high-field MRI system is more likely to get approved immediately compared with a low-field MRI. The former easily meets the image quality requirements set by the accreditor due to its advanced technology of producing detailed scans.

  • Added Comfort

Newer MRI scanners are equipped with anxiety- and claustrophobia-reducing features to help patients stay more comfortable. These features come in the form of flared ends, better lighting and ventilation, and broader tubes. 

Some manufacturers have also been producing open MRI systems to serve better larger-sized patients or those who fear enclosed spaces. 



Getting an MRI system for your facility must be discussed with a professional so you can evaluate the features you need and don’t. An MRI acquisition consultant can help you weigh the pros and cons and consider additional factors like service line, budget, and long-term plans. Then, the consultant will align the MRI system you need with your facility’s current needs and long-term goals.

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