5 Factors That Will Affect Your CT Scanner Maintenance Cost

by | May 28, 2021 | CT

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Are you trying to buy a CT scanner for your health firm? If so, its upfront cost is not the only thing you need to account for. The cost to hire a maintenance service to maintain the machine is also a significant factor in terms of financing the device. In some cases, you may not be able to afford the maintenance of a particular type of CT scanner. 

That being said, many factors can affect the cost of CT scanner servicing. We will tackle those factors with you today to help you understand what kinds of prices you can expect when it comes to maintaining and servicing your CT scanners:


  1. Age 

The older the unit, the cheaper it is to repair because more parts become available from third-party sources over time. Plus, more experts become familiar with the unit, allowing them to carry out repairs quicker and more efficiently. Overall, a good rule of thumb is that the older your CT scanner, the cheaper servicing will be.


  1. Parts

Different parts of the scanner will deteriorate faster than others, and if one part is hard to find, it becomes more expensive. For instance, X-ray tubes can be quite expensive because their original manufacturers only built certain makes and models. Servicing providers will take such parts into consideration, upping or lowering their costs as necessary.


  1. Model

It is a simple fact that some CT scanner models are just easier to fix than others. For example, GE CT scanners are one of the cheaper scanners to fix, especially in the US, simply because the parts are readily available and technicians are already familiar with the machine. In other words, if you purchase a CT scanner that is commonly used in your country, chances are the servicing costs will be lower.


  1. Location

Your location will affect the servicing cost because the maintenance service providers will have to pay for plane tickets, fuel, and transportation of the parts needed. Essentially, their travel costs will translate into service costs on your end. As such, the further you are from the servicing provider, the higher the price you can expect.


  1. Coverage

The more coverage an insurance policy has, the more expensive it is. The same can be assumed about the maintenance program you opt for. The more coverage you have in your agreement, the more you will have to pay for it. Maintenance service providers must consider all the parts they might have to fix. Each new component adds to the provider’s risk, and as such, the cost goes up.



These are just some of the many factors a maintenance service provider will consider when coming up with quotes to repair your CT scanners. Everything from what kind of scanners you use to where your health facility is found can affect the pricing, and as such, we always recommend getting quotes from different providers if possible. Just be sure that the ones you decide to work with are experts at repairing the scanners you have, ensuring that your investments are worthwhile.

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