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5 Factors That Tell You How Much Your MRI Is Worth

Apr 29, 2021 | How Tos, MRI

Whether you’ve been hoping to upgrade your MRI system or you’d like to know more about the value of your current one, it’s essential to know how much your system is worth. Doing so will allow you to get a more realistic estimate of the kinds of MRIs you can afford and how they can help your facility, whether it’s to increase throughput or work more efficiently.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to determine the worth of your MRI nowadays, which means you don’t have to worry about spending hours upon hours of research to understand your machine fully. Here are five factors that tell you how much your MRI is worth:

  • Manufacturing Date

The age of your system affects its worth. Naturally, the older it is, the more it depreciates. However, if it isn’t worth much in the U.S. or European markets, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any luck elsewhere. There are plenty of buyers from other countries who would be very much interested in your MRI, and knowing the year it was manufactured can make all the difference in its selling price. Remember that what you should pay attention to is the year it was manufactured and not the year you purchased or installed it. The manufacturing date is often written on the gantry’s back or stamped onto the magnet.

  • Gradient Strength

Most people look for MRIs with a gradient strength of 1.5 Tesla, as 1.5T scanners make up the majority of secondhand MRIs sold globally. Apart from the gradient strength, however, you’ll need to know your gradient amplitude (mT/m) and slew rate (mT/m/ms) as well. You should also include gradient package terms from manufacturers like Siemens’ Quantum and GE’s Echospeed to attract more potential buyers.

  • MRI Coils

The type of coils you have will affect your system’s overall value. For instance, if your system has angio, neurovascular, breast, or cardiac coils, it can significantly increase the worth of your MRI. However, it’s crucial not to rely on your invoice or initial quote. Instead, work with an MRI tech to take stock of your coils and ensure you draft an accurate list of coils. Additionally, ensure that all coils are in excellent condition and work as intended.

  • Operating Software

It’s crucial to know the operating software your current system uses. It often displays on your screen when booting up your MRI. Additionally, you can also go to the Service menu or Settings and check on Option to access the list of enabled software options. You may find manufacturer terms like EXCITE, TIM, and Achieva here, depending on your MRI, affecting its value. If you have processing workstations like Leonardo, be sure to include them in your list, which can bump up your value.

  • The Logistics of Transporting It

Finally, the last factor you’ll want to account for in determining your MRI’s worth is the logistics involved in transporting it to your buyer. If delivering it to your buyer’s site is relatively complicated, it will likely drive up the price. For instance, it is much easier to move an MRI scanner out of the first floor than requiring a crane to lower it. To help your buyers understand what it will take to transport your MRI system, consider documenting the path of exit it must take.



It may be challenging to determine how much your MRI is worth just by assessing its condition, but considering these five factors will make it much more manageable. You’ll come up with a great price that’s sure to earn your facility a sizable profit, allowing you to upgrade your system and serve your patients better.

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