5 Cost-Effective Reasons to Shop for MRI Machines Globally

by | Apr 7, 2021 | MRI

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It doesn’t matter where your hospital, laboratory, or medical facility is located—there are numerous compelling reasons why you shouldn’t limit your search for a high-quality MRI machine in your immediate vicinity. The perfect MRI system may not exist just yet, but because of the many advancements in technology, the global MRI market has produced some promising results. 

Here’s what you need to know to convince you that shopping globally is the key to finding a machine that has the specifications you require:


The Global Marketplace Is Huge

Just the mere act of broadening your search gives you the benefit of finding more options. From MRI parts to brand new or refurbished units, the global market is filled to the brim with machines from different manufacturers. Many countries like Australia, Canada, and France even require that some medical equipment get replaced after a set period of time as part of their government’s healthcare regulations. This means that some good MRI systems are being forcibly retired before they stop being effective—which means more savings for you!


Varying Levels of Supply and Demand

Some MRI models may be in demand in your location, but that may not be the case in other countries. 

The overall demand for MRI machines may change depending on the country and location. Many factors affect that level of demand, such as the model, manufacturer, size of the magnet, and time in use. By shopping around, you get to see where a particular model can be found easier than in other areas.


A Diverse Selection of Systems

Different brands and manufacturers are favored in different regions as well. A Siemens MRI Spectra 3T, for example, may be too expensive if bought in your own country. That same system could cost a little less if bought in Europe or Asia. It really depends on which brand is considered the top seller overseas! 

For example, Toshiba is a popular brand in Asia, while medical professionals in Italy favor the brand Esaote. You’ll never know what models you can find and at what price you can get them when you scour the overseas market.


Other MRI Systems Could Cost Less

The global MRI market is quite a competitive market. It’s almost a guarantee that when a new model comes out, several other manufacturers will try to outmatch that model with their own that may have a better performance. 

A good example is the Siemens MRI Avanto, which costs around $400,000-$500,000 for a pre-owned unit. An equivalent model from another known brand is the GE MRI Optima 450w. A pre-owned model of this unit runs at around $500,000-$600,000! Both models have very similar capabilities but are priced differently.


Better Pricing Through Currency Exchange

In any overseas transaction, the currency exchange rate plays a crucial role in the final price of the product you’re planning to buy. However, when you’re buying something as substantially expensive as used MRI equipment, that could be a significant difference! This is one huge concern that any buyer should consider.



There’s just no reason why you should limit buying MRI equipment from local sellers. The global market is right there for you to take advantage of. While there may be additional concerns on the equipment’s shipping, that could be easily addressed once you’ve already purchased the MRI machine. Parts and repair servicing, however, is definitely something you should consider taking on locally.

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