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4 Preventive Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of MRI Equipment

Jan 21, 2021 | Tech Tips, MRI

Millions of MRI scans occur every year, and with populations ever increasing, it is only to grow even more. Hospital administrators will have to invest in more MRI equipment, which will eventually lead to high returns since it will get used more often. However, there is one problem: the more the scans are done, the faster the equipment will deteriorate. As a result, downtime likely increases, and this will be costly to your medical practice. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma: Preventive maintenance.

As the name implies, preventive maintenance is a type of process geared towards preventing problems from occurring in the first place. This ensures that your MRI equipment can run without too much downtime, or if any, and still extend its life. This also allows physicians to rely on the MRI’s ability to run at all times, keeping their workflow as smooth and problem-free as possible.

In this article, we will share four ways you can carry out preventive maintenance on your MRI machine:


1. Check the filters

Your magnetic refrigeration (MREF) compressor is cooled with the use of a water-cooling system. However, any debris in the filters will mean that the water flow becomes inconsistent, and this can eventually cause the compressor to overheat and shut off. In severe cases, it can even fail, which then requires costly repairs or replacements. To avoid this problem, always check the filters. This includes the primary and secondary filters, cleaning or replacing them as necessary.


2. Check the air vents

Apart from the water-cooling system, you must also examine the air vents. Similar to the water-cooling system mentioned previously, these air vents can be clogged up with debris, leading to the failure of the MRC. Avoid this issue by checking the vents and cleaning out any dust and debris you may find early on.


3. Check the magnet system

Keep in mind that there are various problems that your MRI’s magnet system can run into. For instance, it can run into leaks, condensation, or even ice formation. Because of this, you must check the magnet system regularly for any problems at all. Also, make sure that the dynamic and static pressures of the MREF compressor are well within limits set by the manufacturer. This ultimately ensures that the magnets are always cold and will not run into issues.


4. Check the water-cooling system

As mentioned earlier, the water-cooling system will have filters to keep debris away from the equipment. But the water connection of the system is known to cause leakage. For this reason, check it often for any signs of leaks and repair if necessary. This ensures water levels remain the same in the system, keeping equipment cool and running well.



At this point, you now know four effective preventive maintenance activities to take on. However, keep in mind that preventive maintenance is not an easy-to-do solution. Your facility will need to take the time to schedule frequent maintenance and carry them out quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, it does have its huge pay-offs. By adequately implementing and carrying out preventive maintenance, you extend your MRI equipment’s life, ensuring they run well despite the increased usage.

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