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3T MRI Machines – The Benefits and the Advantages

Apr 29, 2021 | Articles, MRI

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These machines allow for very detailed scans of the body using magnetic fields and pulses of radio wave energy. These help doctors see organs inside your body in ways that are different from other types of scans.

Did you know there are different types of MRI machines? It’s true. There are traditional MRI machines that operate at 1.5T and then there are machines such as the Toshiba MRI Titan 3T, that operate at 3.0T. T stands for tesla which is a unit of measurement that quantifies the strength of a magnetic field. This means that 3T MRIs are twice as strong as a normal MRI. But what does this mean for you?


The Advantages of the 3T MRI

More Scanning Options

There are numerous advantages to a 3T MRI machine over a traditional MRI machine. First of all they provide a doctor with more scanning options. These sophisticated imaging procedures are only available to 3T MRI machines, not traditional ones. Some of these new scanning options include the ability to scan in tiny slices as small as 1mm. This will help the diagnosis of more complex or difficult conditions. 

3T MRI machines such as the GE MRI MR750 3T are also capable of scanning for new conditions like prostate cancer. This means there is less need for invasive catheter studies on the patient. 


Higher Quality Scans

The scans that a 3T MRI machine yields are higher quality than traditional machines as well, which allows for detailed imaging of ligaments, tendons and cartilage. In some cases they can even show if there is bleeding in a fracture. Not to mention the fact that the 3T MRI is also an extremely sensitive method for detecting bone infections.


Faster Output

Another key advantage is that images are produced faster than traditional MRI machines. This means patients will be more comfortable as they don’t need to spend as long being scanned. The scans themselves are also less likely to be distorted, so there won’t be a need for repeated scans. 


Elevated Patient Comfort

Patients with claustrophobia will also prefer a 3T MRI machine since the area that they are required to lay still to be scanned is bigger than that of a traditional MRI machine. This larger area also means that bigger patients can fit into the MRI machine easier. If you have a frail or injured patient who is receiving a multi-part MRI, they won’t have to be moved during the scans. This increases their comfort and also reduces the time it will take to scan them.

One of the best parts is that 3T MRI scans don’t cost more than a traditional MRI scan. This means your insurance company can’t force you into accepting a lower strength scan to save money. 



A 3T MRI machine is a great investment and will surely help your patients and doctors. The added comfort and image quality will no doubt help improve your ability to treat your patients. The different scanning options mean that you’re better able to help in more situations than before. So what’s stopping you? Get an 3T MRI machine now! 

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