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3 MRI Features You Don’t Know About

May 6, 2021 | Articles, MRI

MRI machines are used heavily around the world, especially since they continue to save lives in more ways than one. Hefty though the price tags may be, those who have decided to invest in MRI machines can agree on one thing—their ability to provide patient care has improved in vastly different ways. 

Although the benefits are astounding, plenty of new MRI users are likely pouring money down the drain. Maximizing on ROI is almost reduced to none, whereas productivity isn’t as high as it should be. You’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing the machine, only to have it used and implemented in the simplest way possible.

You’re essentially wasting away resources, especially since something as powerful as an MRI machine is bound to offer extra and technologically advanced features. In this day and age, getting the job done simply won’t cut it—you need to go above and beyond what’s expected, especially in the world of healthcare. 

Ignoring the cutting-edge features provided your machine isn’t going beyond the expected, however, so what can you do? Simple—use the features your MRI machine offers. To help you get started, we’ve gathered all the built-in technologies you may be overlooking:


Feature #1: Automated notifications 

In an age of everything digital, keep in mind that your new MRI machine will likely offer features that function like handheld devices. Automated notifications are one of them, which can be customized to ensure that your medical imaging technicians never miss a date. 

You’ll be able to stay on top of schedules, ensuring that things are prepared and running smoothly. Any problem that may arise will be carefully tracked by the system, thereby eliminating the onslaught of errors. You’ll be enjoying high outputs in no time!


Feature #2: Budgeting through data gathered 

Since your MRI depends heavily on the software used, expect it to come with a feature that allows you to create budget reports and forecasts. All these can be based on the data already existing in the MRI’s database, thereby allowing your team to create error-free reports to aid the medical facility’s bottom line. This saves you from the painful annual reporting, ensuring that your department always delivers—even beyond the medical imaging role. 


Feature #3: Personalization 

Perhaps the most important and powerful feature of your MRI machine is its ability to be customized according to specific needs and preferences. You’ll be able to accommodate your patient’s needs, all the while ensuring that your staff is empowered with various tools, including modifications, software upgrades, and other items they deem necessary. 


The Bottom Line 

The features listed above are just some of the most important features your MRI is capable of. If they’re not part of your daily operations just yet, they need to be. Every single day you ignore these features means pouring money down the drain, even if you currently have a high volume of patients to serve. When it comes to furthering your practice, keep in mind that change is always at your fingertips—and more often than not, just around the room’s corner. 

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