3 Main Things You Must Consider for CT Scanner Site Planning

by | Aug 5, 2021 | CT

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Computed Tomography (CT) machines are integral to many healthcare facilities due to their impressive capabilities in visualizing the patient’s body from the inside-outside, ensuring better diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, most hospitals and clinics tend to cut corners with their site planning budget by simply having the bare minimum. Doing this impacts the CT scanner’s effectiveness in usage and patient satisfaction. If you want to avoid this, consider the following things that make up the successful installation and use of this high-quality medical imaging device: 

  • Protective capabilities

Many CT machines are placed in big emergency rooms or radiology departments because medical personnel are trying to decrease radiation levels. Even the ceiling and floorings that are either above or below CT scanning areas require shielding or protective capacities. Additionally, floors must have additional weight and structural support due to the added protection.

For proper shielding, you must have 0.5-1 inch of lead for walls, 0.25-0.5 inches for doors, and windows made of leaded glass or acrylic. These coverings protect staff, patients, and other individuals within the vicinity from the CT scanners since they are considered sources of radiation. Remember, this is crucial to ensure your employees don’t go beyond the maximum limits for radiation exposure, which is up to 50 millisieverts. Consult with a licensed OEM technician for further recommendations. 

  • The gantry 

Gantries are one of the most crucial CT parts since they are the ring where the patient is placed during the scanning session. They must have chilled water piped through a heat exchanger or an on-site water supply. If your team cannot supply chilled water, consider opting for a heat exchanger cabinet that is kept cold by using an outside cooling system.

Alternatively, you can go for an air-cooled gantry, a component with integrated fans to facilitate intake and exhaust. However, take note that this type needs a specific room size and thermal insulation to guarantee proper maintenance. Concern yourself with the gantry specifications and other high-maintenance CT parts by referring to your machine provider. 

  • Electricity supply 

Of course, you are going to need a significant amount of power to keep your CT scanner up and running. For example, the Siemens Somatom CT Sensation 40 has a generation peak power of 80 kilowatts, but there are plenty of other components to consider. In particular, you have to meet the local and national electrical codes and guidelines, which include the line voltage, branch power, supply configuration, and even the circuit breakers. Most importantly, you must have an easily accessible emergency off button or kill switch, letting authorized personnel act quickly during breakdowns and other hazardous electrical issues. 

Each CT unit has different modifications for electricity, whether it is brand-new, used, or recently upgraded, so ensure that you coordinate with a specialist. Ideally, you would want a provider who can offer 24/7 services and on-call repairs to keep your patients and staff safe. 



Taking the time to initiate site planning for your CT scanner is the first step to effective, value-oriented use of your high-end healthcare equipment. It is simple as long as you meet the requirements and specifications mentioned above. Most importantly, there must be a trustworthy supplier like us who is heavily involved in the installation and maintenance process to provide quality assurance. 

DirectMed Parts & Service can provide you with CT and MRI options to meet your site planning needs. Our team is comprised of OEM technicians and professional service staff, allowing you to choose the right units and repairs to maximize your medical imaging budget. Check out our range of available machines and components today!


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