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2 Essential Troubleshooting Solutions for MRI Errors

Dec 11, 2020 | Tech Tips, MRI

Managing a reputable healthcare facility starts with your basic troubleshooting knowledge to keep your services running smoothly. That’s why you need to know more about your MRI scanner to ensure that your healthcare professionals can cater to your patients’ needs! However, you may find that troubleshooting MRI scanners can be quite complex; after all, it’s not something that everyone knows! But don’t worry, there are practical solutions that you can rely on. 

This article will discuss two MRI troubleshooting solutions that fix common errors. Take this as an opportunity to keep your healthcare facility’s services ongoing and prevent any financial losses due to technical difficulties. 


Know how to fix a multi-coil TR bias fault

Multi-coil TR bias faults are a commonly occurring issue among malfunctioning MRI scanners. It indicates that there is an issue with the multi-coil port, which needs your immediate attention. You need to read the error log to gain the necessary information to determine your MRI’s malfunctioning’s root cause. 


The following are the common causes: 

  • Bad coil connectivity
  • Wrong coil selection in scan protocol
  • Technical issues with your unit’s hardware
  • Faulty coil 

There is a quick troubleshooting solution that you can do yourself if your MRI scanner error log flashes “wrong coil selected.” All you need to do is to check the scan protocol for the coil selection option and ensure that every setting is appropriately selected, especially the coil!

You may then proceed by looking into your unit’s seated coils, removing them, and then plugging them back in again firmly. Don’t forget to remove all the connections between the coil and doghouse, then secure them tightly into their designated positions. These steps should allow you to use your MRI scanner again. 

If problems persist, contact MRI technicians to fix the issue to have your coil repaired. You can also contact our OEM engineers through our MRI coil repair service for your convenience. 


Sell your outdated MRI scanner

One of the things to note about MRI scanners is that its technology is consistently improving. It means you can expect new changes to translate into the limited availability of different MRI parts and repair solutions! Many older units are often too outdated and are past their maximum usage. These are especially true for MRI machines that are 11 years old and beyond. However, you may also witness inconsistencies even just after three years of the scanner’s purchase!

For example, let’s say you inspect your MRI machine for troubleshooting because you hear your medical technicians have issues with the error message log. You may see the log indicating “open in channel 1,” which most likely means improperly seated coils or your medical technicians picked the wrong coil for selection. However, there will be instances where you may be dislodging and placing back coils repeatedly and still cannot get your scanner to work smoothly. As such, try to find ways to sell your MRI scanner and buy a replacement. You can also look into replacing certain MRI parts that may get your unit to work properly. 

Check out our selling options and invest in our buying service for your utmost convenience and cost-effective medical imaging solutions. 



Your MRI machine’s functionality and ease of use are the main pillars you need established to keep your patients duly cared for. It also enables your doctors to retain their services consistent and reliable. That is why you need to do everything in your power, as the healthcare facility manager, to maximize cost-effective troubleshooting solutions to prevent any drawbacks. Consider the previously mentioned tips and keep your medical imaging services high-quality for your medical facility’s reputable presence in your local community! 

DirectMed Parts & Services can provide you with high-quality MRI parts to replace your broken units. We can also offer you the best repair solutions through our professional medical imaging technicians. Contact us today to maintain your MRI scanning for your patients’ and doctors’ convenient use. 


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